Residents evil
Rɛṡỉɗɛṅtṡ ɛⱱỉʟ
Welcome to my profile!
I've never played a game or watched a Resident evil movie, i'm not a fan.
When I was a kid, I heard the name and I liked it, so I used it on my accounts.

My CS Source History
I started playing in 2008 on my brother's account.
Logged 400 hours of Source there, with a terrible K/D.
Those 400 hours taught me enough to get a 1.45 K/D in this account tho.
Here I have 1.125 hours. I used to play D2 only Deagle ( Check my stats ).
Also Gungame Turbo DM, where I was the best player all the time every time.
You can see, in my screenshots, the scoreboard of some servers. Nº1 :D

Stealing the Top 1 of CSS GunGame Turbo DM servers since 2008!
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Owner and sole developer of UnturnedStash.TK
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