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Nov 21 @ 9:47am
In topic BBCF Resolution Problem
You might want to try setting only the rendering resolution to 768p, and keeping the display resolution on another setting (preferrably your monitor's) so that it doesn't shrink...
Nov 20 @ 8:11am
In topic BBCF Resolution Problem
Did you enable GPU scaling in your GPU's control panel?
Nov 16 @ 5:49am
In topic Want to buy Guilty Gear but can't
Originally posted by Kit':

You're checking this page ? The game is there, you need to buy the Revelator Deluxe package to be up to date (or you can opt in for the other packages, that include some DLC / color etc).
Well, there's the GGXrd Deluxe Pack (with -SIGN- + -Revelator- and their DLC, but probably not Rev 2 and its DLC), and the Rev + Rev 2 all-in-one packs (with or without DLC depending on the pack). Just to avoid any confusion :)
Nov 10 @ 2:58pm
In topic BBCF Crash at startup after Arc Logo
Originally posted by Cattaneo:
I'm not using windows 10, I'm using windows 7.
Whoops, sorry, read the OP and not your post x_x
Still, it doesn't (or at least, shouldn't) change much. If you have an N version of Windows, it explains why you had an issue in the first place. If you don't, it means something is borking the codecs up somewhere, and the best way to fix this is often to make a fresh codec install.
Nov 10 @ 2:55pm
In topic Vita version or this one?
Originally posted by DiaborMagics:
Hmm for that price I might get both. One for convenience and one extra for features and it'll still be less than 20 euros total.

I had a laptop. It broke down last Tuesday :'(

Gonna build a new desktop pc now which is why I have to save on some expenses.
I should have it all set up Monday. For the pc version of this game I'm gonna wait till a sale too then. Two of them coming real soon so something good should happen.

Thanks for the info. All DLC sounds nice cause it looks like that is enough to make the game worth 40 euros without discount
No problem! And yeah, I just checked, all the DLC would be 25.39€ on Vita, and that's not even taking the actual game's price into consideration... I hope the discount for the Steam version will be better than 50% off :)
Originally posted by Erika:
November Nein
It's been a while since I've last been on this thread... Once again, thanks for the bump, hoping it will keep being useful to newcomers :)
Nov 10 @ 9:30am
In topic Vita version or this one?
IIRC the Vita version does not have the Japanese voices indeed. Plus the PC version has all the DLC pre-packed inside of it (don't know if there was much DLC to begin with, though) and runs at 60fps while the Vita version is likely locked at 30fps... If you have a laptop, you should be able to play on it perfectly fine, though it's definitely not as convenient as a Vita.

At the end of the day, it's mostly your call. The PC version should be pretty cheap on sale (maybe not 6€ but 10€, since it's the lowest all-time price recorded on SteamDB), so there's that as well.
Nov 10 @ 9:24am
In topic BBCF Crash at startup after Arc Logo
(*comes out of lurking mode*) Sorry for the late reply.

Since you're on Windows 10 N, it must be a codec issue since by definition, N versions of Windows don't come with codecs. Unfortunately however, I don't know where it went wrong, since installing a codec pack such as K-lite should have fixed the problem...

You might want to try entirely uninstalling K-lite and re-installing it with the default settings (maybe minus the extra software like Media Player Classic).
Nov 5 @ 8:58am
In topic Resolution bug?
Sorry for the late reply. The way the two games handle the graphics is different, and BBCPE is internally locked to 768p. Anything higher than that is upscaled by the game, which looks "blocky" on most computers, so you're better off just letting your GPU scale the picture by itself. Apparently, ASW and/or H2 lost the source code of BBCT's PC port, so it doesn't help with the fact they could not bring the way CT handles the graphics back. Plus it was probably made by another team anyway, so it might have been more difficult to implement.

TL;DR : It's because of a difference in both games' porting.
Nov 5 @ 8:51am
In topic Application to Compress BBCF File Size
Welp, didn't see this because I haven't been able to catch up with the Steam forums lately... I'll have to try this out as soon as possible. Thanks for the links :D
Sep 2 @ 1:53pm
In topic [BUG] Oversized 'BARRIER' text in GUI
Did you try messing with the "Texture Anti-Aliasing" settings (or however it's called)? Maybe that will fix the UI not being smoothed out.

As for the issue in itself... Maybe they started working using the arcade version and high-resolution textures as a base, then used the PS4 version's assets for the rest of the game? That could explain the slight difference in how every version handles the "Barrier" text differently...
Sep 2 @ 1:40pm
In topic [Request] Re-encoding the videos
Originally posted by petran79:
Bumped the thread from another discussion

Arcade version has only 1 video in wmv format:
file size around 90 MB and encoded in WMV3-24bits, 30fps at 1280x720 resolution

Steam videos are 190MB and encoded indeed in WMV2-24bits, 30fps but resolution was upscaled to 1920x1080

Picture quality is a little better than the arcade opening, especially in scenes where character portraits get pixellated during transitions. Console opening has very bad quality. Probably because they still rely on PS3 antiquated GPU output quality

But WMV should be dropped in general. It can be also very finicky and conflicting with other codecs. Only reason they insist on that old and obsolete format is the Taito Type X arcade roots.
The thing is, some artefacts that are visible on the videos in the game's files are not present in the YouTube versions, which I assume were encoded differently (and are probably progressive instead of interlaced) before they uploaded them there. So while it might be a little better when compared to the arcade version, there is still a problem with the in-game videos compared to the master files and some re-encoded versions (like YouTube's versions). Also, it might be more interesting to know the bitrate rather than the filesize to efficiently compare the WMV3-720p version with the WMV2-1080p one.

About WMV in itself, I don't know whether it's a good thing or not to keep it, but I'd say it can be good if used properly to have high-quality videos (*cough*) which isn't the case here (*cough*). I don't know about it conflicting with other codecs though, never had that problem myself. Also, I think they used it in BB and GGXrd -Rev- not just because of the arcade roots, but also because there are no licensing fees (at least as far as I know) unlike MP4, for instance. WebM could be an alternative though, if tweaked properly that is.

On a sidenote, the point you raised about the arcade opening being pixelated in the arcade version made me remember what happened to CF 2.0's opening on YouTube. I can't say for sure whether it's a side-effect of YouTube's compression to WebM (and MP4) or because the file they uploaded had a bad bitrate, but I'm starting to think it's a combination of both, thus causing more artefacts than what could have happened with a very high-quality upload.
Sep 1 @ 10:59am
In topic [BUG] Oversized 'BARRIER' text in GUI
Originally posted by petran79:
Notice that the same text is also featured in the arcade version.
So this is how it should look originally. It is the PS4 version that altered it.

You dont need Inspector or Reshade, just enable FXAA in the display settings. It makes a noticable difference. Though arcade version looks smoother compared to Steam version
But it doesn't seem to overlap on the arcade version, unless it's because the screenshot is VERY compressed. Comparing the arcade and PC versions' UIs, it looks like the text is slightly misaligned by a few pixels on PC, since it seems to connect with the barrier gauge on the arcade version, but there's a slight gap on the PC version. However, it seems that gap is also present on the PS4 version... Oh, and the text might look smoother on the arcade version due to GPU scaling, just saying.

Guess we'll have to wait and see if they fix it using either the arcade or PS4 version as a reference, even though it's not necessarily a big deal... Same for the videos' compression; just watch any of the arcade openings and you'll see there's something wrong.
Aug 31 @ 3:23pm
In topic Searching for a new controller
Originally posted by Kyuzo:
Originally posted by Red:
Yeah, it does. As I said, it's excellent for 2D games, so it should be enough for fighting games and most platformers, but it sure can be a problem if you need the triggers and/or either stick.
I would prefer to have a single controller. Right now, I'm looking at the Steam Controller, but I'm not really sure about it...
Ah. In that case, I don't know, even though I'd also like to have a polyvalent controller... Apparently, the DualShock 4 is very good in that regard, but I haven't tried it, plus you said you didn't like it. And I haven't tried the Steam Controller so I can't help about this either, sorry :/
Aug 31 @ 3:01pm
In topic Searching for a new controller
Originally posted by Kyuzo:
I see. But it seems it only has the D-pad, four main action buttons, Select, Start, Turbo and Clear. Doesn't it lack buttons for any other common game?
Yeah, it does. As I said, it's excellent for 2D games, so it should be enough for fighting games and most platformers, but it sure can be a problem if you need the triggers and/or either stick.
Aug 31 @ 2:48pm
In topic Searching for a new controller
I know a controller that's almost perfect for 2D games, but its biggest drawback is that it's a DirectInput one (instead of an XInput one like the Xbox 360 controller): the Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad. It's basically a Super Nintendo controller replica, and it only exists as Japanese import, but it's not that expensive and the d-pad is about the best I know as far as PC controllers go.

There are two models, the old one (which I have) and an updated one (which is apparently sturdier and more silent), and I think the latest one's release made the prices go up, unfortunately... It should still be around 15€ though, but just know that the actual price should be around 10€.
Aug 31 @ 10:52am
In topic Bugs?
Originally posted by Xaelath:
Originally posted by Fadelz:
Also while in battle if i press start, i cant walk. I play on the psp ver before and i could walk while checking the map but here i cant
I haven't really notice it or tried it since i am using wide map .
And cmiiw it's originally vita/PS4 port
Apparently the PS4/Vita version does allow to move while checking the map... It's just that the PC port was rushed and not updated properly, sadly :/
Aug 31 @ 10:50am
In topic Hello is this game active?
Originally posted by mjordan79:
Originally posted by Liam Neeson Punching Wolves:

The biggest anime in existence? A game hyped more than MVC?

Are you sure? Because it sure doesn't seem that way.

Anime is a thing in Japan. The rest are only amateurs and constitutes a minority. In Europe people don't give a♥♥♥♥♥♥about Dragonball.
Tell that to French people and you'll see... People from other European countries also likely know Dragon Ball pretty well.

Originally posted by kisald/avohkii:
The problem with DBFZ at launch will not be the population, it will be populated, it will be its mentality.

Do you know there are some submarine areas that are so salty that nothing can live there ?
True that... The more popular or hyped something is, the more toxic the community is likely to be, whether at launch or afterwards :/
Originally posted by Shizuku:
Originally posted by Grizzlywolf:
Also, Persona 4 Arena stages for whatever reason...
Cross Tag Battle testing? I remember there being some unused CF files in CPEX's data.
Possibly. And that's interesting... I hope it's possible to make these stages selectable through a mod <_<
Aug 31 @ 10:27am
In topic BBCF 2.0
My guess would be a two to three weeks delay, but I guess the actual answer is "wait and see"...
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