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"If someone wants to be an asshole, and start useing revolvers, were gonna start fucking fighting fire with fire"-Imamonke

Recerino: Im gonna be a productive adult and take a whoer
Recerino: shower8
Recerino: not a whore
Flaxendragon: what

Rec: we could go to the childrens museum

"Fuckin Reaper" -Flaxendragons Dad

*I had just died in h1z1 duo's*
Imamonke: I want revenge
Rec: You mean avenge?
Imamonke: No, Revenge.
Rec: God Damnit

12:29 AM - Rec: what is this
12:29 AM - Rec: xD
12:29 AM - Imamonke: THIS IS ME
12:29 AM - Imamonke: HAHAHA

*Flippin Shoes is playind Dead By Daylight on steam*
2:34 PM - Recerino: are you still playing
2:35 PM - FlippinShoes: ?
2:35 PM - Recerino: dbd
2:35 PM - FlippinShoes: oh no
2:35 PM - FlippinShoes: I am no
2:35 PM - FlippinShoes: lol I am no
2:35 PM - FlippinShoes: not*

11:30 PM - büd: Rec, once again
11:31 PM - Recerino: HAPPY ANAVERCY
11:31 PM - büd: Failed me
11:31 PM - Recerino: THE DAY ISNT DONE
11:31 PM - büd: Thanks

*I was signing Amazing Grace in mumble*
Rec-"That saved a wretch like me"
Baby_Eater- "Its pronouced Recth, rec"

8:45 PM - FlippinShoes: you'll never guess what game Im going to play again
8:46 PM - Recerino: my little pony adventures in the forest
8:46 PM - FlippinShoes: yes

"Make Frag Videos not Excuses"-Naps

11:56 PM - [smoke] Rec: how is it sofar?
11:57 PM - smoke [Imamonke]: Spell "So far" correctly and I'll tell you.
11:57 PM - [smoke] Rec: so far
11:57 PM - smoke [Imamonke]: Decent
11:58 PM - [smoke] Rec: thats good

"You cant catch flies with honey, but you catch more honeys bein fly" - Keegan Large

"Boobs are Great" -Harmonica

I sexually idenfify as a Transfluid Pineapple

[smoke] Rec: you steped into a barrel of pickles
[smoke] Rec: thats too complicated for me
[smoke] Rec: those are some quantum pickles

"Im doing writing" Flippin Shoes 2K14

"I'm doing Crystal Math"-Flippin Shoes 2K15

"LET ME RIDE YOU" - Flippin Shoes 2K16

"I like exploring New York and killing people" - Flippin Shoes 2K17

10:13 PM - Recerino: you didnt expect the WAR OF 1812 OVERTURE LIVE WITH CANNONS
10:14 PM - FlippinShoes: nobody expects the WAR OF 1812 OVERTURE LIVE WITH CANNONS

4:42 PM - Recerino: its acadamia so its not like its against the rules to be tabu
4:42 PM - FlippinShoes: no but fucking being a bitch ass will get you fired

"You're not adorable, You're just an ass"-Flippin Shoes

"Whats better than one pickle? Two Pickles!"-Lehcsirk

"A wise mann once said, Sentries get kills, Dispencers heal people, but Teleporters? Teleporters win games"

Buddy: Your infected with Neon Gangrene

Defnition of a Manj, By MDS:
"its when the great pheonix of middle earth mates with the son of the last king of mann co. and has an offspring that emerges from the politically negative reprocusionons that the government put in place to prevent the fire nation from attacking again. However this action resulted in a terrible tariff and mergers agreement that started taxes."

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If you add me from some old legend that Im a good engie, and you want me to play for you, im gonna turn you down. Im old, and bairly play the game as is
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