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-DROP 88-

Vince: Thus begins the rain of all medic mains as they cry in despair when Reblas the Rogue gets a better setup
zaimen_: amen

HR: when i get that feeling
HR: i want
HR: sexual healing

HR: You don't want to see my wand.
Piplup: id prefer if you were carrying a wand :P
HR: ward, you nerd. :c
Piplup: nice wand
HR: The most important part of the screenshot is my ward. n_n


› Reblas : That name has no sex

› Reblas : im not a unusual spy for my hats
› Reblas : im a unusual spy because of my skill

DayDan ☆: i just turned around
DayDan ☆: magic reblas appeared
DayDan ☆: baaaaaughhh to many little men on medic~ hoovy 2015

↜Sagi↜: i haven't been on walkway for a few gays

Freezy: when i sung that song somebody would put a pillow on my face and fart on it~ freezy

1o1$triker1o1: u are strange
Reblas: no
Reblas: im hale's own

Demoman Main : reblas means face fucker 69 in japanese

Vortexyi : me skilled spy you nub player in overals
Vortexyi : gut rukt

Zio: I'm going to milk you so hard (Skype)

₪ Reblas ₪: i have hype
₪ Reblas ₪: :c
$triker (2): why ?!
$triker (2): go masturbate!

Reblas ɧɧ™: what are you doing?
Koru スパイ: I'm thinking about you
Reblas ɧɧ™: aww
Reblas ɧɧ™: sweet as a cake
Koru スパイ: And touching my shelf

Pure: whats a tele stab?
Reblas: It's when you use the elevation of a teleporter for do a stab
Pure: oh
Pure: thought you meant you stabbed a teletubby
Pure: feelsbadman

Klown: i woke at 7am
Klown: and danced through the house with the song you used in Treasure
Klown: ¿Quieres ser musulmán? (Do you want to be a muslim?)

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elire01 Jan 9 @ 7:47am 
- What are you guys playing ?
- I'm supposed to be playing TF2, but this one gibus keeps using Machina.
- Is it TheF2P27 ?!
- Yeah, TheF2P27.
- Who is TheF2P27 ?
- Some say that TheF2P27 is the biggest c*** of TF2 ever. Born from Salt.
- I heard TheF2P27 can hurl a Jarate farther than a bulls*** pyro airblast can hurl our medic off cliff.
- I heard TheF2P27 once defeated an entire server with a single random crit.
- But the worst part is just when u think this little bi*** rage quited just when u think u might escape extreme salt levels... WHA BODYSHOT!! Just like that!
- *Your score is 0:91* What ? No, no no no, no no no!
- That's impossible!
- TheF2P27 has captured my pocket!
- Mine too
- Aw you scrubs, i'm sure it's not that bad.
- You have no Skill, that's just happend.
- I might have some skill.

TheF2P27: F*** you c***s.
TF2: Salt Age.
Synthetic Spy Jan 7 @ 4:36pm 
Which is you meit u ar de best spai in de world??
Mr Boba Fett Jan 3 @ 11:43am 
The worst spy in the world <3
E2r.Pure Jan 1 @ 6:00pm 
Literally the best person, have a happy new year~
CSn|.........@THG Dec 31, 2016 @ 9:05pm 
Have a Happy New Year and may you be blessed with wonderful fortune
Klown Dec 25, 2016 @ 2:26am 
ispanyol ismail