Jeremy   Virginia, United States
I code for fun.
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Regarding Cheats
I used to code cheats for TF2 and CS for fun. Mainly as a hobby just because I could. I used them online a few times to test them to see if they worked, but i usually just fucked around with bots in private servers. Now I'm fucking around with my PSP, gamecube, and old computer to see what kind of stuff I can do for games I used to play. Mainly Medal of Honor Heroes 2 at the moment ripping off NitePR and trying to figure out how it works.

Regarding Intellectual Property
My personal injector, code, and old cheats aren't for sale, nor will they be given away. They probably don't work anymore anyways. If you want help with something you're working on I can help debug maybe, but I won't write you something.

Regarding VAC-Ban
I quit steam and Vac-banned my account so i would no longer play
I'm back and playing on an alt for fun: http://steamcommunity.com/id/n0rfnorf
Doesn't affect me whether or not you believe me, sooo <3

Old Games
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 (rank 98 globally) ~ 1200 hours
Pokemon Sapphire/Emerald Speedrun (4:26.43) ~ 200 hours
Stronghold Series (disk versions) - 400+ hours
TF2 (across all accounts) ~ 4500 hours
Republic Comando (my favorite game to play online) ~ 2000 hours
Skyrim (PS3) ~ 300 hours
Mario Kart Double Dash ~ Probably around 1500-2000 hours
Smash Melee ~ Probably around 400 hours
Call of Duty Series (Modern Warfare 1 - Black Ops 2) ~ 1000-2000? hours (not sure b/c my ps3 died)

New Games
Will probably start playing the new Quake or switch over to CS:GO

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4.9 hrs on record
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