Dreamweaver Loon
Joshua Burda   Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Player, do you believe in God? (Line 847) [github.com]

..You're probably here to look at my DBD shit, aren't you? I'm trash.
If I call out something you did as killer as "Fun" Don't get your dick raised over the "salt" you're perceiving.

(after a Dead By Daylight match versus a Hag in which we pallet looped the shit out of her)
A Seductive Crab: Nah, fuck off.
Loon: You got memed so fucking hard
Loon: you facecamped us LOL
A Seductive Crab: I know, which is why I camped.
Loon: That's a victory for me
A Seductive Crab: Whatever makes you feel important. :)
A Seductive Crab is now Offline.
Don't play hag kids.

>As of 1/29/18, if you are friends with Ifihadaheart, attempt to coerce me to speaking with him, refriending him, and/or unblocking him, or the action of relaying messages from him, you will be blocked IMMEDIATELY. I'm done with this petty shit, so don't even waste your time waiting 5 days after worming my friends list then asking me. You should fucking know I'm not saying yes anymore. However, if you are not friending me because of Heart and are friends with Heart, please comment down below (last update 1/29/17 10:35 AM CST)

Perk: Revenge of the fallen
Once per match, while hooked, pull out an AK with a 30/60/90 round drum. Press right mouse to aim and left mouse to fire. Each bullet stuns the killer for 0.5 seconds.
"If I can't fucking win, I'll make sure you can't either, BITCH!"

"Some will be missed, many will not"
- Casual Jerry
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|UDG| Wikia Editor , Dark Space Gaming Trial Mod, and MATC GSA Treasurer

I'm just someone who has a minor obsession with the sun and moon.
My hobbies are Locksmithing(Mainly picksport), coding, story writing, 3d modeling, animation, singing, instrument (Midi piano and guitar) playing, composing, fishing, and drawing, Though I'm not good at any of the above.
I can be generally a real nice guy if I'm not internally pissed at you, which only happens to a select few.

Best Bro
My favorite quotes
>On this friends list, you will not be treated above or below anyone , because of Gender, race, religion, or creed, or any other thing in a normal school statute to close the loophole. However, be warned, I don't deal with excessive trolling or Heart's stupid fucking messengers.
Lune's Document of Consolidation (Shows what games I play on what names)

The world surrounds around twinkies. without them, the earth would never become joyed, thus causing the gravity cat to be not amused and kill us all.

Discord servers in which I was slain with a flail:
Talon's Drunken Pirates: Debating an admin about the Discord guidelines, posting topic related images in general.
Esteemed Innovation: Pissing off DivineAspect by using the phrase "Donaldarutrumparu" in a political discourse channel and thus being labeled a fascist.
Flaxbeard's steam power: DivineAspect was admin of this server too.
ChaosOutlaws ([COʟ]): Owner was a sensitive boy and couldn't take criticism.
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Dreamweaver Loon 5 hours ago 
What do you mean
General Thundercunt 10 hours ago 
stop being so jewish please
Dreamweaver Loon Feb 16 @ 2:56pm 
I mean sorry for everything I've said to you dude, I don't do it on purpose, but calling me names while trying to get information isn't working very well
Dreamweaver Loon Feb 16 @ 2:55pm 
Why? is my computer going to explode?
Dreamweaver Loon Feb 16 @ 2:53pm 
What else do you want from me? I admitted I'm a socially inept sociopath.
Dreamweaver Loon Feb 16 @ 2:52pm 
Haha why are you adding me back while you're calling me blind? You should've never gotten into Heart's shit and this wouldn't have happened.