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This is Rainecho. Rainecho is like that guy in your school everyone calls crazy. But it's okay, he's actually crazy...Crazy for chemistry, psychology and anything science fiction. He is facing every artist's struggle of actually finishing a fucking book or drawing every once in a while. But most importantly, he is facing low self-esteem issues like half of the world right now. But here's what keeps him out of stress; Steam. Steam is like his social media, his rant place and his brotherhood. The games he plays range from casual to "that's the best my 1999 computer can handle". He will not be responsible for any crippling depression and/or cancer you might receive from prolonged exposure to this page's comment section, rated R for Rated and viewer discretion advised.

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Rainecho 3 hours ago 
btw do u mind if i call you hamlet xddd
Rainecho 3 hours ago 
U pRoBaBlY tOo BuSy WiTh YoUr FiDgEt SpInNeR/cAnCeR/aIdS
Peguha 6 hours ago 
u probably too busy with your fidget spinner/cancer/aids
Peguha 6 hours ago 
get sum wifi
Peguha 6 hours ago 
where u at negro
Peguha 6 hours ago 
brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long time no talk