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Personal Achievements

Campaign Complete

Complete the single player campaign

Don't call me "sir"

Promote any unit to Sergeant

Tank Takedown

Destroy a Behemoth Tank with a Grunt


You must destroy 100 enemy units


You must destroy 1000 enemy units

Skirmish Master

Win 10 Skirmish battles

Skirmish God

Win 100 Skirmish battles

Sniper School

Take out 200 enemy units with Snipers

Double Bagger

Destroy two enemy units with one shot

Triple Bagger

Destroy three enemy units with one shot

Five Bagger

Destroy five enemy units with one shot

Online Master

Win 10 Online battles

Online God

You won 100 Online battles

Co-op Master

Win 10 Co-op battles

Co-op God

You won 100 Co-op battles