Good evening Expand Dong! Hope you've had a nice day!
Are you a rocket ship? Because you smell like fuckin' gasoline

"Full time Minecrafter, Part Time Pedophile."

1% Evil 99% Hotgas

I main Medic and scout, please don't shoot at me.

When you doing a ho doggy style so hard you punch her in the head and knock her out cold. then you take a dump on her boobs and sit on it and then roll all over her body like a steam roller covering her in feces then you leave and hope you never see her again
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AltoCrum LFT6'sRoamer 2 hours ago 
wow best sext bot on the planet
Spooky Booty Banger Jun 21 @ 12:41pm 
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AltoCrum LFT6'sRoamer Jun 19 @ 8:41am 
Polyfrank? more like. anal destruction amarite fellas?
who snioerwolf?? uyou know hwo she is right??????????????????????
do u kno hwho ssniperwolf is?"?/
[EngiCorp] Biggie Cheese Jun 11 @ 10:01pm