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Requires Counter Strike Source.

[h1]THE BASICS[/h1]

Adds ammo entities under CSS Ammo, Adds all CSS weapons under CSS Weapons.
E + Right Click toggles special functions like silencers and firemodes.
Change settings through !cssadmin and !cssplayer
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Created by - Burger and Froglegs

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JacksonPeeven Jul 14 @ 5:23pm 
Hey I wanted to ask you about integrating your CSS weapons pack in my new gamemode, add me when you got a second! Thanks!
dogu ﻐ Jul 14 @ 2:33am 
03:26 AM - dogu ﻐ: im crying
03:27 AM - Burger: oh god
03:27 AM - Burger: i expected porn
03:27 AM - dogu ﻐ: not all porn makes me cry burg
03:27 AM - dogu ﻐ: just the porn you send me

dogu ﻐ Jul 14 @ 2:32am 
03:31 AM - dogu ﻐ: you down for fisting?
03:31 AM - Burger: SURE
gibus Jun 12 @ 5:45pm 
i think a good idea for you would be to host the deathmatch server a bit more often. people seem to really like it and are disappointed to see it disappear sundays to thursdays, that IS if they only played on saturday.
dogu ﻐ Jun 12 @ 1:03am 
" i rather get fucked once then constantly get fucked" -burg, 2017
gibus Jun 11 @ 6:25pm 
Burger pls