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Rb-tam should be able to be download from here

Sadly some of my mods are currently unavailable for download off of the thinking with portals website but when I get a few days off this summer I plan to either rerelease them or remake them.

My Youtube Channel
My Website for me

Q=What is your favorite movie?
A=One does not simply have a "favorite" movie(lord of the rings rotk)

Q=What is your favorite tv show?
A=Last man standing

Q=What is your favorite web series?

Q=What is your favorite color?
A=Blue or green depending on what its used for

Q=Do you play any games besides what you have on steam?
A=Yes I play many games and I am known as danialsdesigns, radelite, superfluffyshmoopy, or superfluffyshop on them

Q=How long have you been mapping/modding?
A=About 4-5 years, about 3-4 using p2authoringtools

Q=What mappers have helped you the most with learning hammer or with mods?
A=The list goes on for a while but two of the people who helped me the most where
1.Inquisitor(taught me hammer)
2.Linking-yellow(worked with me to mke my first p2 mod)

Q=What do you do besides gaming?
A=Not much right now just trying to get through these last 2 years of school and have some fun doing it lol

Q=Why dont you make Portal two maps much anymore?
A=I took a break for a while because I had other things to do but I should be releasing a map or two in the next few months.

Q=I want to make custom maps and mods for Portal 2 can you help me?
A=Well best I can do right now is say look up some tutorials for hammer on youtube and as for mods how I learned was by downloading already made portal 2 mods and reverse engineering them, dont be scared the portal 2 mod codes are kinda simple to learn if you really want to.

Also feel free to use one of my mods to see how they work but please do not repost my work without my permission.

Good color for lights 255 235 187 150

Best lighting guide ever by Tophattwaffle

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