1st place Logitech League 1v1
1st place Snipers Nest Grand Final
1st place Premium Sunday 1v1(x5)
1st place Battle of Championships(x2)
1st place Daily Legends 1v1(x3)
1st place Midnight Fever 1v1 (x4)
1st place Doube Trouble 2v2 (with MEGADAREK)(х9)
2nd place Doube Trouble 2v2 (with MEGADAREK)(x5)
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Answers for common questions :
1.Im downloading map and it drops = http ://bit . ly/2rqouFr
2.Sell = you sent item to bot,item goes to store,some1 need to buy it and you will get coins
3.Transaction problems = support@pvpro . com
4.I got banned for cheating but Im not = xfied@pvpro . com /support@pvpro . com
5.How to report some1 for verbal harassment = screens to xfied@pvpro . com /support@pvpro . com
6.I got deleted from tournament = some1 didnt do check in /you joined after teams limit
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still hacking since 2013 for today 15.06.2017. WHY VALVE DONT BANNED HIM YET!???
MEGADAREK | May 31 @ 5:50am 
still hacking, my last comment 19.04.2017 today is 31.05.2017, chlenix too good
ReKToO! ツ May 1 @ 2:53am 
Good player ;)
+rep Best Ge From Ge He Learn Scream How To 1 Tap
MEGADAREK | Apr 19 @ 2:16am 
still hacking, my last comment 14.02.2017 today is 19.04.2017, nothing changed
rocket █ Apr 5 @ 2:12pm 
signed by rocket, it was really fun to carry you to gold nova thanks have a good day