California, United States
I draw bad, and model slightly better.
I enjoy tea, anime, sunrises, stars, and fighting games.
Also, teal is my favorite color.
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Snorkel Slug Jun 23 @ 12:47pm 
Here's the raw, naked truth: Homosexuality is actually a demon spirit. It is such a putrid-smelling demon that other demons don't even like to hang around it.
pwn Jun 20 @ 8:21am 
Snorkel Slug Jun 2 @ 1:49am 
any one who looks at this comment read it all the way threw. look ever heard of the illuminati? they own these actors slash scientist. why is it main stream media and the education system say the earth is round? because they are owned by the Bilderberg group the illuminati, skull and bones secret society and many other devil worshiping families who are at the top and think we are the best recourse . we are just cattle and they want to be and are the Shepard's. they want u to believe the earth is round so u think there are aliens and other planets with life. why do they want u to believe the earth is round? because satin doesn't want you know the the truth.
Snorkel Slug Jun 2 @ 1:49am 
making you believe the earth is round and there are other planets out there will cause u to lose faith in the bible and Jesus, God. exactly what the devil wants. the earth is flat, and no the water does not run off the edge of the earth. it sais in the bible we are stationary and so it is true. the sun evolves around us like a flash light shining down on a trampoline. if u shine a flash light down on one side of the trampoline one side will be lit up the other side will not be. just like the sun. when the sun gets far enough a way from u the sun will disappear on the horizon.
Snorkel Slug Jun 2 @ 1:49am 
we are surrounded by Antarctica on the flat disk plain we live on. and beyond that is something the bible describes as the firmament. the firmament is something that god created for all of all creation on earth to stay in side, the firmament is indestructible and it acts like a snow globe. did u know that the united states and Russia shot up hundreds of nuclear bombs at the sky way bigger than Hiroshima to break the firmament? ask your self why we would spend all this money for no reason on bombs shot in the sky? they attempted to break the firmament and failed. food for thought its the truth and nothing less. do some research and type in why the earth is flat on you tube. there is more proof a mountain of more proof than the earth is round. just got to know ur getting this information from a bunch of actors that sold there soul to the devil and there job is to lie to you to keep you a way from god. good luck every one and wake up.
Snorkel Slug May 3 @ 12:12pm 
Super Brothers Adventures get gold robbed by the evil monster and peaceful village damaged. To take back the gold, please guide Super Brothers on his adventures. Jump to defeat a monster. monster fierce everywhere, on the road to continue to collect gold coins, bullets and other items to equip ability, or will be soon defeated by the monster!

Patience, let's adventure in a Super Brothers Adventures!