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Quentin   Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
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Every revolution begins with a spark.

The courage of one can change the round.

Do it or do not. There is no attempt.

I’ve never had the luxury of political opinions.” – Jyn Erso

“The time to fight is now.” – Jyn Erso
yes suck because skins a "priced" by the last SCM OFFER and not the sale soo stay away with "but says that..."
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1: No scammers
2: I do not like spys as opponents
3: I gonna play with the scammer a game so its can be funny between them and me ;)
4: I'm not rich so please do not beg
5: I do not like Rage kiddis
6: I'm always online
7: check this link to see my offers
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maybe some scammer shit dudes but who knows \(o.o)/ ------wannabe Bobsplosion ---------------- rly dude?

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Bist n süßer.
not Bulletproof Aug 5 @ 1:35pm 

Kuddel Aug 5 @ 1:34pm 
will he ever completes his 5000hours in Tf2 and will grow up to the ultimate Nerd... no one knows
I✠I Sgt. Wolf I✠I Jul 10 @ 2:52pm 
Einer meiner ersten Steam bekanntschaften und ein klasse mate!

+rep :3