Tyler   Dallas, Texas, United States
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S16 Iron sub spy for Dank Potatoes
S18 Steel main spy for Certified Professionals
S19 Steel main spy for Waterboys
S22 Silver spy sub for Poontang Nation

Please do not be offended if unadded, I clear my list a lot, if you would like to re add me, feel free to do so!

Funny chat logs:

9:58 PM - Ƨ9 SpotlightR: Quagmire: ben here from the virtual i suck at trading
9:58 PM - Quagmire:
9:58 PM - Quagmire: look what i just bought
9:58 PM - Ƨ9 SpotlightR: U GOT IT

10:38 PM - SpotlightR: SpotlightR: ill help u
no scam sell world com eqiuck: ok how
SpotlightR: eat this dick
10:39 PM - tommy6844399: can i ask you something serious
10:39 PM - SpotlightR: yes
10:39 PM - tommy6844399: eat this dick
10:39 PM - SpotlightR: :/

5:31 PM - meh: can I see the noh for like 10 secs
5:31 PM - Quagmire: noh
5:31 PM - meh: ooof
5:31 PM - meh: I was asking for that

Quagmire 3 days ago
do i get a free appeal in 3 months
Toughsox 2 days ago
Considering you already just made a new alt and evaded your ban, what do you think?
Toughsox changed the state from Open to Declined. 2 days ago

10:22 PM - Shredder: Hey no but srsly. HOW did you study for the AP EXAM LAST YEAR???!
10:23 PM - Quagmire: hey dude i can help you
10:23 PM - Shredder: with what?
10:23 PM - Quagmire: eating this dick.
10:23 PM - Shredder: FUCK

12:26 PM - Quagmire: how can i help
12:26 PM - AimApustus: hey fag
12:26 PM - AimApustus: gibe free stuff
12:26 PM - AimApustus: pl0x
12:27 PM - Quagmire: read description
12:27 PM - AimApustus: if i dance can you give me phr33 stuff pl0x
12:27 PM - Quagmire: read description
12:27 PM - AimApustus: i read ur mom
12:27 PM - AimApustus: with my dick
12:27 PM - AimApustus: b00m
12:28 PM - Quagmire: you might get something if you read description
12:28 PM - AimApustus: i had same noh btw
12:28 PM - Quagmire: its not hard to read description
12:28 PM - AimApustus: i have autism i cant read sru
12:29 PM - AimApustus: i really really need phr33 stuff
12:29 PM - Quagmire: no free items then
12:29 PM - AimApustus: hey sir
12:29 PM - AimApustus: gibe free stuff
12:29 PM - Quagmire: hi sir
12:29 PM - Quagmire: sorry i dont give free items sir, thanks for proper greeting tho
12:29 PM - AimApustus is now Offline.

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Nothing will be traded unless greeted with "Hey sir."
I also do not trade with furries, rats, niggers, beaners, jews, faggots, gays, scalies, weaboos, bronies, retards, chinks, anything that is retarded.

Want the Western Wear? 420 pure no less no more.

Most unusuals are for sale, however, I have the right to decline your offer. I do like a lot of my items.
Started trading in summer 2016 with a Scorching Billycock.

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TF2Outpost [www.tf2outpost.com]
Banned for trading with scammer, but here it is anyway.

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valenmar96 Oct 11 @ 1:59pm 
Added for the backpack
Him That Nig-Uh, ISwear Oct 11 @ 10:30am 
The fuck... his profile, lmao shit emojis om his fucking name
Quagsire Oct 11 @ 10:28am 
Quagmire - I have an "impersonator" not really an impersonator, but he's on my list as requested by Quagmire. It probably has to do something with that. Sorry if anyone is being dragged down, no idea what you're even referring to though.
Him That Nig-Uh, ISwear Oct 11 @ 10:24am 
Someone said I was your alt? Who in the fuck are you?
Quagsire Oct 11 @ 10:22am 
Whomst are you
Him That Nig-Uh, ISwear Oct 10 @ 6:06pm 
Why am I being called your alt?