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My name is not of one who enjoys arsony and sharks. It is a reference of an arsonist who smacks people with a neon sign.
I enjoy Gunpoint, Fallout, and Hotline Miami.

-Boom Bewm, 2009

thicc chicken: I want equal rights for leprechuans
thicc chicken: as long as they're male
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"German Engineering."
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Endangered Pyroshark Mar 7 @ 8:12pm 
Are you the angry little 10 year old? The person I unfriended multiple months ago? The person who threw a little fucking hissy fit over anything and everything?

Your name was, uh, Insanity something, correct?

I got rid of you for a damn good reason. A beautiful example of this right now is your cancer remark. You fit nicely into the stereotype.
-rep I got cancer in 2014 and recently got cured and you unfriended me.
Endangered Pyroshark Mar 3 @ 3:15pm 
Fun story, you put something shitty and petty on my profile once again, deleted it, and now you're doing this.
You didn't "apologize", either- you're being a salty little prick and you can't take anything back?
Drizz__ Mar 3 @ 3:13pm 
I'm just shocked on why you're still on this I apologize to you it's a dumb thing to fight about chill out
Endangered Pyroshark Mar 2 @ 8:50pm 
Your "Calling me out" is you being too idiotic and pathetic to understand how to play the game at all. You get all angry and start this little crusade of sadness and just try to get right back on out once you see I'll hold my own ground?

Jesus christ, mate.
You're making me sad.
Drizz__ Mar 2 @ 8:47pm 
Because it's so dumb that I'm fighting you on this my bad man for calling you out I'm sick of it cya gl