Commander Chris
I sexually Identify as Venator Class Ship Destroyer
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All about me.
People Tell me you are what you eat but I don't remember eating god

Mom = Froppy
Dad - Bonfire
Son = qbert5000
Second Son = Sheperd
Adopted Brother = Deku
Real Brother = JewMcoo
Weeb Sister = Hikari Dickari Dock
Cousin = Boneless Banana
My Cat = 009befame98
Adviser =
Judge = Loopycats
Exucutioner = Monaclu Lewinski
Army Admiral = OsamaBinSwaggin
Brigader General = DoctorSizzles ( Lower then General)
Colonel = Aku
Soldier 1 = Dr.McSnuggles
Soldier 2 = Chro
Soldier 3 = Noah Fp
Soldier 4 = LuckyWaffle
Soldier 5 =
Soldier 6 = 召喚士
Soldier 7 = ^069 [LB] AverageDrink
Soldier 8 = мя яαιивσω
Soldier 9 = Conmanbeast39
Soldier 10 = Carl
Soldier 11 = Crazman
Soldier 12 = TheCommunistCat
Soldier 13 =
Soldier 14 = <rainbow=1>Dr. Harp</rainbow>
Soldier 15 = [LB] Dr.Bread

Youtube Legend :

I have some pretty sick dreams just look at this one.

My Cool squad of 2 guys and 2 girls went to the mall in a sick van the other 2 went in before me and the mute girl Had sexy times with me then she and me killed
Bad guys with spoons then i found a cool nail gun in the back room and shot it at a wall after that the mute went missing and i started looking around and i saw a hospital car that
had keem star in the back and he said youtube is dying and his face turned into a youtube logo then the abumlence drove away and i became sad because my
mute was gone but she had cute purple shining hair and a red eye she was so cute and she liked my jokes and we had sex

Same night second dream : i ran across my yard to a place where i ran to before in a diffrent dream thet was a horror dream people got there before us and it started raining
so they blocked off the doors so they could be the only dry ones so we ran to the shed next to it and started resting outside for some reason still in the rain then
a bunch of female Hot joggers ran into us and started hugging us on the floor and everywhere i looked i saw a breast hanging out of there shirt then my
friends lilly and hunter appeared and lilly gave me a bible to remember her then hunter yelled me out for looking at the joggers breast then i had another dream

The last dream: i was a steamers camera and there was 2 girls and a little kid streaming and they went to the top of a mountoin with a bunch of native
Americans who built a clay house and the little kid streamer tried to parachute off with the parachute he had on the whole time but nearly died when
the wind pushed him in the wall and he nearly died and i has happy because he was a clickbaiter

Another dream: i had turned into a anime cat girl then while at dinner i looked into a mirror witch showed i was a demone because my eyes where red so i ended up dying somehow i just died on the table and then i turned back into my self and i went into school and the school was giant and so where the rooms so i went into my science room witch was a small rain forest and they had a small water fall inside it and i cranked a crank that made the water fall faster then i woke up.

Another Dream: i was at this cool waterpark and we all went to cafateria and I asked a girl out and she blushed then a parade started and a bunch of battle droids had instraments and a battle droid asked a girl out? idk

Another Dream: I was an anime cat girl and i was at a table with my family and i was eating some food when i looked in the mirror and my eyes where red appently i was a demon cat girl and then i just died and then i turned into myself and walked into a big school and the rooms where giant i walked into my science classroom and it was a small amazon forest and the teach was teaching us stuff but there was this cool glass box that had a water fall in it and i spun this thing up and the waterfall went down faster

"Orange is the new cancer and im yellow Cunt" Commander Chris-2017
"Great Leader"-Everyone who knows him-2006-2017

I got banned from VRChat The Owner said i pissed off to many people

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I showed you my blaster, please respond.
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Understandable, have a great day.
svint Oct 14 @ 2:52pm 
Klu Klux Klan Headass
Hentai.exe (G.E.W.P) Oct 13 @ 10:18am 
u mean me?
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Literal salty kiddo
Hentai.exe (G.E.W.P) Oct 11 @ 12:05pm 
did you think he came up by that by himself?