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Please read my Rules and Guidelines prior to adding me.

The following is a list of outstanding friends who haven't forgotten about me over the years. Thanks guys. I'll be working on this section and improving it to show how much you mean to me

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Hopefully one day you will become good friends with me too and make the list! (I'm always double checking my checklists)

Personal Info

Sexuality: Twisexual [] - I am attracted to purple colored pastel horses. It's my drug.

My Fave YTP Series: Mario and luigi have a yiff fetish

My Fave YTPMV: Holding Hooves

My Fave Comic: Candybits 2

My Fave Anime: Fuwa Fuwa Foof

The Serious Stuff

Education / Work Experience:
- I have a degree in Marine Navigation. I worked offshore in the Merchant Marine Industry on cargo ships, passenger ships, research ships, container ships, and supply ships within the past 8 years as Chief Officer. My summer job is sailing the 7 seas (Remix)

- I am currently working on a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a concentration in Accounting . If I'm busy, I am most likely studying or doing work with respect to university. I put a significant amount of work into my studies, and it pays off. I am on the Dean's List (Top 10%) of my university. I also study Business / Maritime Law.

- I love to read books! My main focus is reading text books to obtain knowledge! I like to read stock / company news as well. I DO NOT read fiction. (unless it involves Twilight Sparkle) (But you already guessed that right?) (I hope so)

Languages / Traveling
- English is my primary language.
I live in Canada. In addition, I've been everywhere in Canada.

- I am fluent in French.
I have traveled to France, as well as the magical land in Canada known as Québec.

- I have a working knowledge of Russian. Over the years I have forgotten most of it. I can speak it. However, I can't type or read it anymore.
I have traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia. What an awesome spot.

(I'll add more if I think of anymore relevant information) --> In the mean time, if you want to know more, add me and find out yourself

PC Gaming Info

PC Specs: Fuck if I know

Team Fortress 2 Mains Medic / Sniper

UGC/TF2 Highlander History:
- Colgate and the Toothbrushes (Brushie) - Gold Medic - You guys!
- Suspiciously Shaped Bananas - Gold Medic
- Secondhand Mercenaries - Silver Medic
- Euphoria Maximus - Steel All Class Sub
- Jim Ross World Order - Steel All Class Sub
- Scrub-a-dub-dub, 9 men in a pub - Steel All Class Sub
- Meme Militia - Iron All Class Sub
- Gentlemen of Leisure - Iron Engineer

Rivals of Aether Main: Wrastor []

GTA V: Username: NathanVetterlein []

I love heisting. If you're looking for help, feel free to send me an invite. I've done each heist hundreds of times, so I know the speedrun strats.

Wii U/Nintendo Info

Nintendo ID: Comput3r

Add me and we can play some time. I have been spending a lot more time playing Wii u lately.

Smash Bros Melee/Wii U Mains: Fox / Falco []

If you have a Super Mario Maker Level, post your code! I'll play play it and give you feedback :3

I collect Amiibos. Current Amiibo Count: 45
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r u watching yiff with her ?
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bad waifu choice
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+Rep is into some INSANE comixs
thegrilandmuffin May 13 @ 6:46pm 
You got that right mayne! Me and that plushe gonna do some ancient clapping arts!