This is my only account that I use for trading. I will never contact you by using another one.
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Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore (Field-Tested: 0.15 Float Value) - ESL One Cologne 2016 Collection with pyth Signature on the Scope
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How to make sure that you are dealing with me:

As I mentioned above, I DON'T HAVE ANY OTHERS ACCOUNTS EXCEPT THIS ONE. It means that if someone added you with the same nickname as mine, you should make sure that the listed below information is the same.

There are only 2 links that you can use to contact me, others are fake:
My steam account is always set to public
I will NEVER hide my CS:GO inventory
My steam level is 112
Account registration date: May 7, 2013

If any of listed points doesn't match, don't make any deal with such person.

Also I decided to make a note where I add profiles of impersonators. DON'T MAKE ANY DEAL WITH THEM! Here are their permanent links:

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Sam龍 May 24 @ 12:14pm 
Looking to trade for your ak redline, add me back to discuss if you can
TheDude ★ May 23 @ 9:25pm 
nice inv XD good player :D
BAZZA hellcase.com May 22 @ 4:45pm 
man check trades
BAZZA hellcase.com May 22 @ 4:06pm 
hello can u plz check trades
BAZZA hellcase.com May 22 @ 3:16pm 
check trades plz
Shiney<3 CSGO-CASE.COM May 18 @ 6:19am 
sign please i love you