Mike Hunt (not a robot)   Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Hello there!!
Welcome to my profile.
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Brother sister too
Do what you must do
Don't trust people you meet
They might promise you
That the river ain't deep

Online status:
Either looking for games to play or chatting outside of a steam game
Watching youtube videos or left computer on to download something
Doing Outside work or watching youtube videos
Looking to play/trade or offline
I think you know what it means

Trade offers here

There can be several reasons you're looking here:

1- Just browsing for a specific reason i don't know.

2-Wanting to add me (either to be a friend {i usually accept these} or to discuss/negotiate with trading.

3-leaving me a comment,maybe a +rep (i will happily leave you a +rep aswell :) )

4-Taking me to serious and leaving me a hate message (don't take anything from me serious in games if i look angry,that's just me f***ing around,go with it,i'm a memer)

5-checking my inventory to see what i have to trade (most of my stuff is for sale)

Currently main:
Scout (primary main)
Demoman (primary main)

How's it going everyone,Mike Hawk here.
( σ ͜ʖ σ )
II. /|\
II. / \
If you have been removed from my friends list is either:
*Said or did something horrible (scamming,cheating,etc.)
*Not been online for more than a month
*Finished a trade and saying goodbye

(No hard feelings m8,just to clear up friends list space)

List of failed scammers (as of now):

Remember i don't add anyone who has:
been trade banned
private profile
has more than 3 -rep on steam rep
marked as a scammer

thanks and have fun

you had one job nintendo []
Currently In-Game
Counter-Strike: Source

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last played on Feb 25
3,889 hrs on record
last played on Feb 25
+rep chilled n helpful
Merdaridian Feb 24 @ 10:42am 
+REP Thanks for such a great negotiation and understanding the situation! :csdsmile:
TxC/Ghillie Feb 18 @ 6:53am 
[O.F.S.O.]Lof10 Feb 12 @ 4:28am 
Purple user Feb 10 @ 8:47am 
:ok_ay::HealthIcon::Remember::P: best negotiation i have ever get and :ok_ay::HealthIcon::Remember::P: again for make a trade with using market
mittens Feb 8 @ 2:18pm