Adriel Scott   Indiana, United States
I won't friend anyone who's profiles are private. I'm a fairly tolerant guy, if you watch anime or mlp or something, I'll be alright with it as long as you don't actively try to talk about it. If you're a furry, I also have no issues. But if you're a very very devoted Anime person, please refrain from friending me. I love WWII and WWI with immense passion, although my knowledge doesn't cover every aspect ever. I love to play TF2, Verdun, Heroes and Generals, DST, Gmod, and some other games. I love Classic Rock, 1900-1950's Styled Marches, 60's 70's 80's Style Disco (Varies) and songs here and there at random that I enjoy. Like the one below.

This right here is my Jam --->

I'm also a very devout Dreamist. I have Lucid Dreams every so often as well as often highly vivid dreams. I analyze dreams and search for an inner meaning, usually pertaining to yourself.
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Idk.I was scrolling thru profiles and you seemed pretty cool.
so...y not?
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y tho
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Timmy has 10 cookies.

Jamal stole 8 cookies from Timmy.

What colour is Jamal?
wow i agree bro i hate people that talk about anime and gay shit. good to know sane people are out there.