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Feb 22 @ 3:25pm
In topic Suggestion: Hard Mode
Having beat the game on Challenge and getting the best ending, I now wish there was more of a, well, a challenge. So I came up with some ideas on a Hard mode that could be implemented, starting with what I feel would be necessary:

*A time limit
Pretty simple. 40-60 minute time limit the player can see. I found waiting out the anomalies was better than actively engaging them. So after the timer runs out, the characters fall over and it's game over.

*Anomalies prespawned in zones
Each zone could have one or two anomalies, either preset or randomized, at the start. I feel like this would give one or two of the characters more utility and more of a horror movie like scramble to get into a building.

So now I'm moving on to the optional stuff, stuff that might be too hard but might be worth considering:

*Once a tool breaks, it's broken forever
I rarely pay attention to my tools, so when they break, I shrug it off. This would give more cause to players to focus on them

*Light jackets and chemical suits only
No durable, no heavy. Nothing much to explain here. You could extend it and make it absolutely no jackets except the chemical suit, but that might make it too hard.

*Rotten, spoiled or old items only
The base has been abandoned for a long time, so no worthwhile pills, wraps or edible food. Would have the player rely heavily on first aid kits.

*Spawn a new enemy every couple minutes regardless of sleeping
This is at the bottom because of the limited self defense on offer, so this might make the game too hard.

Of course Hard Mode should be an unlockable you can only access after beating Challenge. Hope you consider my free suggestions.
This is a suggestion for the creator of the game and not to you OP:

Would locking the co-op to 30fps help? I've played a couple of older online co-op games that would lock at 30fps - and this game has the option to do it, so if it would help, why not make it an online co-op mandatory thing?

Of course this is speculative and I don't know how the game engine works.
Hope to see them again with the same assets in another game.
Unity games are generally like this unless they're 2D or well programmed.
Feb 13 @ 1:32pm
In topic GOG Support
Originally posted by Berzerk:
Have you ever asked for GOG Galaxy access to be able to update your games at any time you want like other devs who do it all the time?

It's pretty clear to me that GOG charges for updates/patches, and it's not out of malice from the RWS devs.
Agreed. Not sure how they made a DOS era game feel so modern.
Jan 31 @ 2:03am
In topic Brutal Heroes Bundle for Cheap
Originally posted by X-the Unknown:
I have dead age; anything else worth having?

I like Riff Racer and Shadow Blade Reload, but only if you have a controller.
Jan 30 @ 9:54pm
In topic Brutal Heroes Bundle for Cheap
Jan 30 @ 9:54pm
In topic Brutal Heroes Bundle for Cheap
Jan 30 @ 9:52pm
In topic Brutal Heroes Bundle for Cheap
Jan 26 @ 2:34am
In topic Did some dialogues got shortened?
Originally posted by James Spanos:
Kamamura, I'll say that Until I Have You is a hot mess, a very weird probably garbage-like platformer, if that can be even called a platformer. But there is a very small audience that enjoys it for that, I get how you feel like you're unable to enjoy it, going forward as a designer there are things that I'd avoid a lot that I've done in Until I Have You, and some things I'd like to keep. I've honestly tried my best to make it more accessible and more entertaining, though I feel its core logic and design are flawed for that to happen, and it's literally a lot, a lot of work to fix that. I understand the annoyance and the frustration, and I've taken lessons from this experience. There are a lot of engine issues that disable me from fixing a lot of things, things I should have seen coming, but during its design I was terribly focused and I gave the game as much effort and love as I could, even though that means nothing to the player, I hope it somewhat comforts you that this was not rushed, just had a wrong scope.

I really


Appreciate your game.

A man who suffers for his art is an artist, if you will.

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Jan 23 @ 11:14pm
In topic Partial Translation Tools For Dustbowl

(Feel free to suggest a better file host)

I haven't been able to figure out how to edit all the English strings, but this will give you helping hand in converting parts of the game. I hope this helps:

-You can translate world descriptions
-You can translate item names
-You can translate the mission logs
-You can translate a little bit of the dialogue

Included in the file is a translation template .trs and AGSTool 6. I also put examples of the text you can translate right at the top. The is necessary for creation of the .tra. A read me file is also included

Some examples:
Jan 18 @ 6:11pm
In topic Working With The Community
Originally posted by Earl Grey:

Dead link
Jan 18 @ 5:28am
In topic Short As Heck
Enjoyable, but very short. Just as I got all the abilities/weapons and figured out how to get certain secrets, the game is over after the princess.

Is there anything more to the game?
Jan 17 @ 1:29pm
In topic Black Screen Secret?

After getting some sword floating in a tube, I couldn't see or do anything and I got lost and I had to quit out of my game it was so dark. Was this intentional?
Jan 16 @ 11:06am
In topic "Empty Out 3 Allies"
What does this mean?
Jan 13 @ 1:52pm
In topic Shield Orb
What does it actually do?
Jan 9 @ 5:09pm
In topic [POLL] Better Version
Originally posted by Nero:
Originally posted by Green Skeleton:

Just played that World Tour episode btw - it's pretty much the kinda free garbage you'd play back in the day and they have no flow and just dump boss monsters at you. I do like the new Duke lines though, but thats it.

"Just played that World Tour episode btw..."
Yeah... than, that's a lie.
Or you have no clue about what you are talking about. xD

Just look at these maps... look at these detailed cities.
Even the 4 original episodes don't have something like that.
After playing the 5th episode, Episode 1 felt like an amateur project.
The original also placed watered down bosses everywhere.

Want to try again?

I bet you were impressed by that lame recolor final boss that impotently shot flames from far away.

And no, I wasn't impressed by the map work when I've seen the fan community doing much bigger and better things overall that actually add new game mechanics like that Duke Nukem Forever 3D mod or the levelling system in Duke Nukem Attrition
Jan 9 @ 2:27pm
In topic [POLL] Better Version
Originally posted by Nero:
That's really hard...
I must say, I really ike the "20th Anniversary World Tour Edition", cause the new episode is an absolute blast to play.
And since I don't care about graphics and have no problems with the sound, I would say, I rate them equal.
It's nice for the Megaton Edition to have 3 DLC packs (2 good, one not as good) and it's nice for the World Tour to have this awesome episode.

Just played that World Tour episode btw - it's pretty much the kinda free garbage you'd play back in the day and they have no flow and just dump boss monsters at you. I do like the new Duke lines though, but thats it.
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