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Welcome to my profile
Congratulations ... you found the only Prembil in steam community (yet) ...

Feel free to fix my grammar mistakes, every improvement is gladly welcome.

Please stop trying to hack my FTP server... thanks... If you want something you can ask me... I have nothing valuable on it... only some school stuff...
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some info... please read before add/trade

If you want to be my friend.... DON'T FORGET TO TELL so... Please tell me why and from where I am supposed​ to know you...

I'm also accepting random invites without commenting but... I'll expect some kid with no reading skill... so... deal with that as you will, thank you...

Keep in mind that:
My friend list is for my friends... I'm not keeping there strangers for long...

I cannot respond if I'm "In-game", when I'm playing older games like "Max Payne" or "RCT2" (no support for the steam cover and in-game browser).

Your age is not important for me, if you're not toxic nor autistic, you're welcome.

I'm the co-owner with the root access to 'my' czech idle-achievement server without any !givemeall commands that are not „legal“, fair or however you wanna call it.
Wanna be admin/VIP? I can give you VIP or Admin permissons... Can... VIP is for a key and for Admin you have to be normal... And know some of that english as well... It's english... you can use it anywhere...

Some more about me
I would like to know, who's trying to hack my FTP server... That'd be nice...

I have more than 13 years, that means I can use steam, so no worries.

I'm an adult.

I'm also old enough to make my own money with my own hands, I tried that with shovel on brigade once... I did make money on that. For first and last time, so I'll try to work with my head only...

I like blocking kids, who beg for free items.

My „school gymnastic teacher“ calls me nerd.

I'm C amateur programmer. Not proud of that

+reps are stupid and useless...

I like StatTrack, StatClock and strange weapons.

Bought items to have fun with them, to enjoy killing more, when everything counts... Seriously not for showing off... Don't care 'bout your opinion on this...

Intel Pentium 4 (2GHz)
Intel graphics
Windows 98
Monitor: some 3D acer, 28 inches, 144Hz, VGA
RAM: i hope it's 1GB at least...
Keyboard&Mouse: Some old Dell junk... You know... No USB but these good 'ld purple and green connectors.
Games running on the max: solitaire
Games running on low fps but still can play them: most flash games

I'm not a big trader... But I'm not that dumb to not look at the, so if you wanna buy my stuff... only... In overpay...

And for those, who wants to buy my ''Unusual Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet'' .... it's my first unusual... it has amazing effect, color and also... I bought it for an amazing price... so ye... it's my personally favorite unusual so i'll not sell it for less than 30 keys... now you're asking ''whut ah f00l/nub...'' well... keep in mind that I like it and I'm totally not quicksellin' it or anything... so safe your time...


Commenting on my profile
Please leave me alone with your cancer...

Goals I want to achieve:
*Badge: 10 years on steam.
*Get better advertiser for server.
*With new advertiser buy better server and host more...

Goals I've already achieved:
Around steam, these are not my life achievements...
+Own ustralium weapon
+Own another ustralium weapon
+Own unusual hat
+Own unusual Taunt
+Own another unusual hat
+Own strange PDA
+Steam lvl10
+Steam lvl20
+Steam lvl30
+Working TF2 server (Well this by itself is kinda easy, tho)
+MySQL Database
+Apache (Installed sourcebans++)

Games I own outside the Steam:
*Far Cry
*Far Cry 2
*Far Cry 3
*City Life Deluxe
*Xpand Really Extreme
*Earth Universe Bundle
*several Harry Potters
*and the GTA V
Those I've stated here, because I like(d) them,(or) I played them as a child so, they're fun to play...

Yes I'm that kind of guy, who's proud on himself that he can afford games on his own

Things you should not...
If you came to my profile to post some "intelligent" or "funny" stuff because you're "funny 9fagg memer"... Cannot stop you, but please don't, I will delete it anyway...

Don't ban me from my "own" server please...

I'm not fan of casual mode in tf2... I like to watch competitives, I just don't like casuals... So don't ask meh...

I don't want to be in your group with 10 people in it...

If you use google translate for translating several sentences when you're chatting with me, don't... You'll end up asking me why i no understanding to you're easy questions.

Don't ask me, if I've played Five Nights at Freddy's... just look at my library...

Don't "pls rus" 'cause I don't rus...

I don't like Anime...

I'm not fun of pirated software, I'm not playing on warez servers. Avoid this topic, too.

No, I do use all my strange weapons... No, I'll not give you those I don't use I just said that... No, I won't remember you in the future if have any of "those I don't use".


Send links, i dunno how to use internets.
I have McAfee as my antivirus.
I don't know how to use Linux based operating systems...

Send more CS:GO „knife group“ invites, 4 times per week is just not enough for me...

My password is 123 and no mobile authentication.

I'll gladly trade your spycrab taunt for my unusuals.

I'll gladly let any valve or backpack bot/employee check my items.


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Pro Boy Oct 29 @ 6:27am 
Good friend :)
Prembil Oct 21 @ 11:38am 
ještě že jsi napsal "condomem" aby z toho anglicky mluvící taky něco měli...
PyroShark ™ Oct 21 @ 11:00am 
Chodí Nerdil okolo nedívej se na něho kdo se na něj koukne toho Nerdil zbouchne. At je to ten nebo ten přetáhne ho condomem.
Prevo+. Oct 1 @ 5:25am 
REP - Good trade. :)
ABKO outlykk Sep 24 @ 11:22am 
Mīmu Sep 13 @ 11:49am