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Congratulations ... you found the only Prembil in steam community (yet) ...

Feel free to fix my grammar mistakes, every improvement is welcome.
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some info... please read before add/trade

If you want to be my friend.... DON'T FORGET TO TELL so... Please tell me why and from where I am supposed​ to know you...

I'm also accepting random invites without commenting but... I'll expect some kid with no reading skill... so... deal with that as you will, thank you...

Keep in mind that: I am not a big fun into the "steam friends"... If you like my stuff and you want anything from it... Wanna trade... That's nice... I am not a big trader... If you have some simple question, ask me in comments section, if you got more, it's personal or it is just way too advanced one... add me then.

I'm that kind of guy who would like to know what friends he has in friendlist. I'm not keeping there strangers for long.

I cannot respond if I'm "In-game" when I'm playing older games like "Max Payne" or "RCT2" (no support for the steam cover and in-game browser).

Your age is not important for me, thing that is important... Is... Mental state.
I've met few kids that are nice and friendly, you can normally talk to them and trust their word.
But ye, most of kids in TF2 just beg, spam and yell...

So ye, you got that right... I'm the co-owner with root access to 'my' czech idle-achievement server without any !givemeall commands that are not legal, fair or however you wanna call it.
Wanna be admin/VIP? I can give you VIP or Admin permissons... Can... VIP is for a key and for Admin you have to be normal... And know english as well... It's english, you can use it anywhere...

Join 'my' server via this link CONNECT BUTTON []
Look who has got ban(s) SOURCEBANS []
If you would like to give me complaint against a player or an admin on the server, smash that report button on my SourceBans site.

Banning people only with/for good reason like:
*Harrasing players with strong language
*You're one good catholic guy from Croatia this is personal
*Hiding near your spawn door waiting for chance to get assistance on me... well not really bannable, but good way how to get me mad.

Wubba lubba dub dub from waiting for season 3....

I have more than 13 years, that means I can use steam so, no worries.

I'm also old enough to make my own money with my own hands, I tried that with shovel on brigade once... I did make money on that. For first and last time, so I'll try to work with my head only...

For most TF2 kids I look like the richest guy who ever was... that's not true at all but I got few nice things. My primary target is to save money for such things like driving licence... Secondary target is steam store with games and on third place... TF2 with cosmetics. What was point of this paragraph ? Don't beg... Work, earn, save... then will be that big TF2 PayDay. no giveaway(s)

+reps are stupid and useless...

I'm not a big trader... But I'm not that dumb to not look at the, so, if you wanna buy my stuff, only... In overpay...

And for those who wants to buy my ''Unusual Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet''.... it's my first unusual... it has amazing effect, color and also... I bought it for an amazing price... so ye... it's my personally favourite unusual so i'll not sell it for less than 30 keys... now you're asking ''whut ah f00l/nub...'' well... keep in mind that I like it and I'm totally not quicksellin' it or anything... so safe your time...


Commenting on my profile
If you post any kind of text to my profile comments section, i may quote it and react to it... and leave it there even if you delete it... beware

Goals I want to achieve:
*Badge: 10 years on steam.
*Get better advertiser for server.
*With new advertiser buy better server and host more...

Goals I've already achieved:
Around steam, these are not my life achievements...
+Own ustralium weapon
+Own another ustralium weapon
+Own unusual hat
+Own another unusual hat
+Own strange PDA
+Steam lvl10
+Steam lvl20
+Working TF2 server (Well this by itself is kinda easy tho)
+MySQL Database
+Apache (Installed sourcebans++)

Games I own outside the Steam:
*Far Cry
*Far Cry 2
*Far Cry 3
*City Life Deluxe
*Xpand Really Extreme
*Earth Universe Bundle
*several Harry Potters
*and the GTA V
Those I've stated here because I like(d) them,(or) I played them as a child so, they're fun to play...

Yes I'm that kind of guy who's proud on himself that he can afford games on his own

Things you should not...
If you came to my profile to post some "intelligent" or "funny" stuff because one poland VACed guy sent you... I cannot stop you, that's true but... I'll tell you this... save your time and honor... there's no way you can seriously hurt me... remeber, don't blow up your tiny mind while you'll be writing something smart... thank you.

I banned you, because you was bullying my friends and kids on server, you started with vulgarisms then you said that they are the cancer... point why am I writing this is that I have no idea why are you still trying to join... don't send your friends at me. I meant it like... there are several better ways how to get unbanned like: On the ban page there's button 'appeal ban' or you can just ask me nicely...
I do not understand why did you wrote that wall of text that was suppose to hurt me and unfriended me then immediately. What was its purpose ?

Please don't add me with vision that you will ban me if I do not unban you/your friend...
It's stupid even when you say that you're older than me...
I'm not joking... this happened, he was "admin" at .

For guys like that one who posted to my profile comments section "prembil it an fucking idiot"
I'll not lent, borrow or give you for free my stuff...

Hey, wanna hear something surprising ? On April 1st... everybody has shadefreude... So don't blame me that I'm bullying people with it then... Like what the hell ? Was it funny ? Don't I think so ? I Don't...

I'm not fan of casual mode in tf2... I like to watch competitives, I just don't like casuals... So don't ask meh...

I don't want to be in your group with 10 people in it...

If you use google translator for translating several sentences when you're chatting with me, I'll probably be sarcastic... 'Cause I'll not most likely fully understand...

Don't ask me, if I've played Five Nights at Freddy's... just look at my library...

Don't say "pls rus" 'cause I don't rus...

I don't like Anime... So please do avoid questions about it. Just look at my library if you don't believe.

I'm not fun of pirated software, I'm not playing on warez servers. Avoid this topic, too.

No, I do use all my strange weapons... No, I'll not give you those I don't use I just said that... No, I won't remember you in the future if have any of "those I don't use".

Weird that every rage kid who uses google translate can spit on my profile eh ? Hope you're not one of 'em....

If you are in my friendlist and you'll send me thing(s) like this:
„ahaha, lol http://pi*tur******e/*ic**re46“ had to censor this
Feel free to do that... I got "save as" in my browser so it will ask me where do I want to save it and have it, yea and also what that actually is...

And I got Eset, too...

And VirtualBox...

And a phone...

You'll be blocked&reported

Do I really think you'll read this all ? Well I hope so, or at least use CTRL+F to find what do you need. Avoid useless conversations with me...

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kill4kiss Apr 22 @ 9:56am 
+rep guuud player we had duel my score 6 her 36 i think
Chloe Price 🌈 Feb 24 @ 6:06pm 
Hello, welcome to prembil comment section.
You can see here some comments from retarded kids what doesn't know how to play becouse they downloaded game like an hour ago.

Have nice day... or night :-)
Prembil Feb 2 @ 1:36pm 
wallhacked shit
nigg*ersWeißwurscht Jan 8 @ 1:41am 
+rep very good in tf2