drink water and eat your greens []
r.i.p Two Tone Rebel. Ill miss you Evan

400dpi 3.2 sensetivity
4:3 1360x1024

Owl 12 e-lemon-ators div 5 (scout)
Ozf Summer cup 1 High Rollers 1st place
Owl 13 JJJ div 5 1st place (scout)
Owl 14 Comrades lost div 2 (sub)
Ozf Summer cup Gabber Gods (scout)
Ozf 15 it's only smellz iM(scout)
Ozf 17 tourqe squad reformed iM (scout)(Disbanded)
Ozf Summer cup mega pounders (scout)
Ozf Summer cup Fo the Ophans (scout)
UGC Plat (scout)

Don't say whores and stuff. Just say whores.
fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me, you can't get fooled again.
me gosta la chickas e no sta gortias

Precious.merc: hf casting
خ tonberry: fuck tf2

lauuu : OMG
lauuu : PRECIOUS
lauuu : IS... precious.
lauuu : :^)
lauuu : can you quote that please.

7:28 pm - Precious.merc: Congratz on win
7:28 pm - Precious.merc: You fucking won the round
7:34 pm - J4ZM1N3 | Geoh: ahaha
7:34 pm - J4ZM1N3 | Geoh: thanks
7:34 pm - J4ZM1N3 | Geoh: yeah it was alright :p
7:34 pm - Precious.merc: yeah
7:34 pm - Precious.merc: Just alright
*Wins summer cup*

Juicy_Savant: best combo <3
Juicy Precious.: =]
Juicy Precious.: you're so good
Juicy_Savant: nou :3

squeezy deezy: Fuck off with your prem aim

Ren <3
John the Asian
Now leave.
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