Sgt. Kirby
A Kirby transferred to   Maryland, United States
Poyo! Maggots! :3 (read that info box!)
Currently In-Game
Team Fortress 2
Some stuff you should know!
First off
1. My name is Sgt. Kirby from MD! NOT GERMANY!
2. My name on xbox is TheSgtKirby
3. I will not fall for scams so dont try
4. I main soldier in pub, medic in 6s, and engie in HighLander
5. Im a pretty nice guy, but i do tend to swear very lighty
5 1/2. I am always happy. If I'm not then that means you are being a prick to people
6. I use a lot of Dark Salmon Injustice paint so look at my invintory to see if its legit
7. I make SFMs as well as sound mods that you can look at
8. I love Kirby
9. I stay on really late at night, so if I say something stupid just ignore it because I don't mean it
Poyo! Maggots!
I love Kirby and all of his games. Even some of the bad ones like squeak squad. One of my first games ever was Kirby's nightmare in dreamland and still to this day is my favorite one. My favorite character is well.... Kirby of course! He is what I believe is a unique hero and not some BS hero that D.C. or marvel make. He is also f#cking adorable. I guess my second favorite character would be waddle doo because of how suprised he always looks IT'S SO CUTE :'D. I also thought the name Sgt. Kirby would be a serious dose of irony since Kirby is so nice and happy, you wouldn't see him as a hell bringing soldier.
Useless stuff
Favorite FPS: Team Fortress 2
Favorite Racer: Forza or Burnout
Favorite Horor game: none they all suck
Favorite RPG: Pokemon, any of them I like
Favorite Indie: Shovel Knight
Favorite platformer: do I even have to say? KIRBY!
Favorite\First Console: n64
Favorite Show: Kirby: Right back at ya!
My favorite tf2 classes in order
1. Soldier
2. Demoman
3. Engineer
4. Medic
5. Heavy
6. Scout
7. Pyro
8. Sniper
9. Spy

Meet Sgt. Kirby

"If fighting is sure to result in cake then you must fight! Meta Knight said that; and I'd say he knows a little bit more about being a star warrior then you do pal because he was a legend! And now he is still a legend and passed those skills on to me!"

*I go on a rampage of destruction while screeching Kirby gibberish

"And then we used those skills to fight every monster ever, and then we went up to N.M.E., and then beat the crap out of him"

*play the Soldier v.s masked Spy YTPMV

*chuckles "And from that day forward anytime I had to fight someone I would WIN!"


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52 hrs on record
last played on May 26
3.6 hrs on record
last played on May 20
Sleepy May 27 @ 2:24am 
....God damn, STAR_ is dead isn't he? I'm sad now.
Pterodactyl7 May 27 @ 12:56am 
I know, one of my favourite mods. I don't have it anymore tho... I first saw it in 'What Really Happened' one of my favoirite videos of all time!
"Thish Kirby pan's comin' right for ye"
Sleepy May 26 @ 5:44pm 
I have that mod. Is a nice mod.
Pterodactyl7 May 26 @ 5:35pm 
Pterodactyl7 May 26 @ 5:35pm 
I saw u in steam discussion threads a lot, so I sent a friend request. I have a few.rwasons for adding u, talk later. Cya
Pterodactyl7 May 26 @ 5:33pm 
It would suit u so well