Strength Dude
Names joshy boi yo \( ゜∇ ゜)/   China
Im a simple asian I see asian food I order.
God I fucken love rice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Dick soft, but I still go hard
Mekakucity Actors
Magic Kaito is a good animu waiting for season 3
I play on 12000 dpi lel xD
Solo Queueing Professional
15 year old gamer meh doods
Real talk \( ̄▽ ̄)/

Sendz noodlezz plex

Does lightning mcqueen pay car insurance or life insurance?
LoL account:joshme123 a filthy yas main xD
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The Forest
Day 1:
-Board the Plane
-Plane crashes
-What is this? Malaysian airlines?
-Wake up to see this nasty dude pick up my son
-Wake up to see some chick dead with an axe through the stomach
-Loot plane for anything I could find
-Find a plane axe, a few meds, couple of bottles of beer, and the plane axe
-Stumble across a little village
-Create a nice little hunting shelter to nap in
-Good night

Day 2:
-Wake up to see these nude dudes try to gangbang me, I let them
-I wake up in a dirty cave. I was probably roofied
-I wonder around and find a rebreather
-I crawl out of the armpit in the ground I was in
-Go back to my village that was rightfully mine
-Met with more nude dudes
-I kill them all with my plane axe
-I limb them and start cooking them
-I eat their flesh and boil down the parts I dont eat for bones
-I wear the bones of my enemys. That will teach them to take me out for dinner first
-I see a turtle, I bash its little skull in with my axe

Day 3:
-I put a rock in the crafting square
-I attatch a piece of loose cloth to it
-It becomes my weapon of doom
-I meet more nude-gang-bangers
-I bash their skulls in with my new rock of doom
-I make an effigy jusy of their feet
-I see more nude dudes, they are running in all fours; my favorite possition
-I run up to them and beat the poor victim of mine to death
-I pull out my axe and start limbing him
-I needed a fresh meal
-I pull out his friends foot and start mercilessly beating him with his friends foot
-I guess I really *kicked* his ♥♥♥\
-I make a rain catcher
-Rain catcher is bugged, I can drink all the water I will ever need

Day 4:
-The nude dudes brought friends
-Pack of atleast 6 of them, just running around my base
-I grab my rock of doom, which is now stained in the blood of my last victim
-I get to work
-First one tries to swing at me. I beat him senseless.
-The others, now clearly frightened are slowly backing away.
-I charge at them, with my rock of doom in both hands I purge them of their pain
-I end them all
-Now the grass painted red with the blood of their own
-I get to more work on my home
-I make totems out of their corpses, nothing is put to waste here
-I skin them and eat their flesh, and then use the bones for many things
-I can wear it as armor
-I can make a fence out of it
-I can use it as a tool of war
-I can use it as a tool of war
-I can use it as a tool of war

Day 5:
-lost count of how many of those nudies I have killed
-Paved the once clean fields now with the bones and blood of those nudies
-I put a bottle into my crafting square
-I see that I can upgrade the rock of doom
-I made the rock of chaos
-I am eager to see my next meal
-I want to test my rock of chaos
-I see a few of them dog fighting around the beach. I join in
-I kill them all, carry what I can back to base
-have them more ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off at me than ever; this is war
-I scavenge what I can before I get jumped by the nudies again
-I found lots of bottles, a few bottles of random perscription meds (totally getting high of these)
-I make a few molitov cocktails
-I paint my rock of chaos blue from the blue berries I have come across
-I have forged the rock of pandemonium
-I create a nice bow from a cloth, a stick, and a rope
-I make arrows from the poor little birdies that I beat the ♥♥♥♥ out of
-I douse the arrows in beer, I make fire arrows

Day 6:
-They are mad now, infuriated that I have killed a ♥♥♥♥ load of their people
-They want my blood
-I want theirs
-I see a little scout group, they are holding their ghetto clubs. I am holding my rock of pandemonium
-They start charging at me, screaming blood curdling screams that I will never forget
-I bolt towards them, intense anguish pumps through my veins
-I smash the first ones head in, the other ones charge to
-There is to many of them
-I grab one of my molitovs, I light them up
-I toss them, to see their soft, delicate skins get burnt away in teh vicious embers
-They are burning alive now, screaming for help
-Swinging in a desperate attempt to finish me, to no avail
-I love every second of watching them burn. What have i become?

Day 7:
-I see a nice little deer across the plains.
-I get out my bow to try to get a nice shot
-I realize I am trash with a bow and drop it to then pick up my rock of pandemonium
-I crack its skull open
-Finally some real meat
-I stand over the fire waiting for the juicy meat to be done
-I take my first bite, I then realize it isnt enough
-I have grew acostom to my old ways. I want some nice juicy natives
-I am on the hunt now for some dinner, but not for the conventional meat
-I see a littel village, I go in and kill everyone.
-I start cooking my first little batch of human
-The soft juicy meat melts in my mouth
-I crave more
-I start looking for more
-Can't find any more, will try again tommorow

Day 8:
-My ravish hunger for blood is never quenched
-I search the whole island for them
-I will try again tommorow, but now I need to rest

Day 9:
-Found a nice little cave, wonder what is in there
-Start looking around, some more fresh meat
-I kill them all, to then be greated with this abomination
-This thing has arms everywhere
-I name it the octopus
-I burn the octopus
-I try to get some nice octopus steak but I can't
-I clean out the cave
-I kill everyone

Day 15:
-It has been quite now, no traces of nudie life

Day 30:
-I realize I just Hitlered the nudies
-I feel a deep sorrow gathering in my stomach
-...That can only be filled by some nice human steak

10/10 How to lose your sanity 101

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