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If you're a random person who I won't know or someone with a private profile, please leave a comment stating why I should/need to add you.

Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): YOU'RE A TRAP
LapisTrademark (<N>): I guess.
LapisTrademark (<N>): *is trap*
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): ''LapisTra...''
LapisTrademark (<N>) has changed their name to LapisTRAPmark (<N>).
LapisTRAPmark (<N>): there
LapisTRAPmark (<N>): I am trap
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): xD

[21:27:41] Atomfox lowhowl: what I'd give to have a threesome with 2 adorable catgirls

[21:28:32] Stephiepoop: i'll be your cat girl senpai

Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): PICKEELS
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): COCKS
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): wait
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): no
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): thats not
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): hold on
Lapis (<N>): lol
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): what

L E B R 3 : Who?
Timowsky : hitler

Ms. Sassy Cat: I wish I was [cute] though
Lapis (<N>): same. If we try really hard maybe we can be cute.
Lapis (<N>): -begins to concentrate really hard, tensing every muscle-
Lapis (<N>): I think it's worki-
Lapis (<N>): -farts-
Lapis (<N>): nope.

7:58 TheRealFrogMan: do you need to see a doctor
7:58 lapistrademark: probably

1:33 lapistrademark: a demo 5k is easy: just perfectly line your nutsack so one nut lies on M1 and the other on M2, whack them on the mouse and boom stickybomb 5k yo

6:41 lapistrademark: I like coke
6:41 lapistrademark: it makes me forget about problems
6:41 lapistrademark: like my coke addiction

8:50 mezzo_o: wanna be my friend? @Villdjack ))
8:50 Villdjack: frend*
8:50 mezzo_o: fak sori

nice lil' tracer: i would like to do da fucking with u todaiiiee
nice lil' tracer: TOOODAIIEEE
nice lil' tracer: AM GUNNA DO DA
nice lil' tracer: FUCKKINNN
nice lil' tracer: DOOOOTAY
nice lil' tracer: IMMA DU ZE FUCKIN WITH ZU


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I use another steam account for most of my activity now, if you would like to know what it is then just ask and I'll give you the link asap.

If you want to add me on said account, add me on discord (Polybrow#2213)

I go by the online allias' of Lapis, Polybrow and anything else people may be creative enough to call me fat

I tend to mainly play TF2 and a few other FPS games, but I've been trying to widen my interest in games as of recently, so if you have any type of game you wanna play just hmu with an invitw (unless I don't have it. yet.)

If I send you a friend request out of the blue, it's probably because I want to be friends with you and you seem like an awesome dude/dudette/duderino/duderinette/potatude

Name: Poly
real Name: lol no
Age: hormonial teen 16
Likes: vidgams, making music, making media-stuff, drawing, anything edible, talking to people.
Dislikes: Toxicity/salt (despite me getting salty myself), bad things in general, anything inedible, plr_hightower

I'm also willing to do music commisions for people! if you want a song making for something, hit me up with a message saying what you want and we can discuss some form of payment (items, real money, whatever floats the boat).

Have nice day!

Links for other social medias:

Discord: [discord.gg]
tumblr [polybrah.tumblr.com]

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LittleRed Sep 30 @ 1:38pm 
add me bc im neat
Poly - CHECK MY INFO BOX YO Sep 19 @ 1:47pm 
I transferred my storage from my onedrive to google docs, thank you for your wishes friend.
BIGGER JOHN Sep 19 @ 11:45am 
had no idea you transferred... im not going to comment really, its just that ive heard horror storys about that kind of stuff, and i wish u luck
Santicules Aug 31 @ 3:33pm 
Thanks for the trade!
Gaia's Minion Aug 24 @ 12:48pm 
+rep Nice, fast and polite, easy to trade with~ Enjoy your new demo set!
blitz Aug 11 @ 4:50pm 
its not rare if you copy and paste it smh