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Our grenadier just decimated terrorist's gun truck with a well-placed RPG!
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Okay, here's a no nonsense review of the game itself, leaving all the political controversy aside.

Syrian Warfare is a tough-as-nails, challenging but surprisingly fun tactical RTS game that does wonders plunging you headfirst into tactical urban warfare.

The player is tasked with a seemingly impossible mission at first: with his little team of a few infantry squads and an APC or two you are expected to fight and win a battle against overwhelming odds.

Hell, even on the normal difficulty your forces can be easily wiped out in the blink of an eye by a sudden suicide truck attack followed by a tremendously powerful explosion, that even shatters buildings.

Speaking of buildings, while they provide great cover from small arms fire for your infantry, you'll be shocked to see how well the game engine handles partial, or even full destrucion of a building. All of that can change the tactical flow of the battle, so keep an eye out and switch the positions of your units accordingly.

After an intense mission like that—filled to the brim with artillery barrages and enemy suicide truck explosions—you will be treated to a picture of an absolutely destroyed city block with husks of buildings smashed to pieces.

All in all Syrian Warfare provides a challenging and fun experience for fans of a tactial engagements in urban warfare scenarios, especially for such a low price.
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Данное руководство поможет в получении достижений/This guide will help in obtaining achievements
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- Can alter upgrade slots on the VSS-R

"A relic from the old world, this weapon has been repurposed and modified for use in the field against the alien threat."

This mod will put in the AS VAL, an assault rifle, and the VSS Vintorez, a sniper
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Created by - ∆ Negativz ∆

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