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The only thing that I'm good at, my friend, is the art of fucking up.
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Who doesn't enjoy a good backstab?
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Art student. Homestuck. Occasional failure.
Greeting! Name's Will and there is one thing I want to declare straight away.

Some people are born as boys. Some people are born as girls.
And some people are born in between.
This can take several directions: body parts, psycological gender, general appearence and so on.
There are plenty of information on that topic. You can google it or you can just ask me if you feel like it.
But yeah it so happened that I was born as a trans* guy.

So now you can either NOPE the hell out or stay. Up to you really.
But I will not tolerate any hatred towards LGBT community.
As a matter of fact I will not tolerate any hatred that targets peaceful social groups, whether it's homophobia, racism, sexism and so on.
Hate the person. Not people.

Right now I'm feeling adventerous so I add everyone, no need to leave any sort of comment before sending an invite and stuff.

And that's it really. Good luck, have fun.
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