aeon lf cute boyfriends - Today at 3:37 AM
peka pika peka ho, bend over and let me use that tiny hole @Pika


http://logs.tf/1546892 pyro is a hard class xd

http://logs.tf/1555690 P A N I C

http://logs.tf/1586718 http://logs.tf/1607320 http://logs.tf/1710918 http://logs.tf/1721120 H E A V Y FARMS x4

http://logs.tf/1592535 WIDOW MAKER ASSHOLE

http://logs.tf/1602153 Vaccinator Scout, lul

ด้ 遠くの羊ジュース ด้ allayy: Can i ride you :3

My Marketplace.tf Shop: https://marketplace.tf/shop/pika

The Slurpio Herpio 4000 is the weapon to surpass Metal Gear.

cp_steel is should not exist

- Follow me on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dad_wrestler

My Smurf/Alt

THE SALT WALL (Starting as of 9-1-16)

Friendly Hoovy#123 : You guys have a vacinator medic and a hacker

Zack555: pika is hack

Drush : wtf cheat

bobby lft ugc iron mvm : grow up
bobby lft ugc iron mvm : be mature in life
PyroJoe | 5.4k Subs : nice stack guys
bobby lft ugc iron mvm : People like you are why our comp scene is dead mate
Rechow : if its op then why wasnt it used at i58?
Jedi(fla)master LFT : 'I'm too shit to use teamwork, it's OP'
bobby lft ugc iron mvm : Because it's only shit at invite
bobby lft ugc iron mvm : On gorge it's OP because heavies
bobby lft ugc iron mvm : toxic stackers smh
bobby lft ugc iron mvm : this isn't playing this is cancer
TeemoTheScientist : When the whole stack is cancer :/
bobby lft ugc iron mvm : you're so sad that you have a whole bind about an op weapon gg
TeemoTheScientist : You cant argue cancer with logic, dont even try.


Spinalpalm : stop feeding the medics

punk : you would not have won without pika
tubs jr left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Pika_ : :^)
*DEAD* punk : he was totally cheating

Spooky Scary Skeletons : pika is hacking

-{A★T}- Amphetamemes : this b dumb
-{A★T}- Amphetamemes : I call hax
-{A★T}- Amphetamemes : ur gay

Spooky Scary Skully & Skelle : no wonder why you want to kick pika

*DEAD* Cobalt : Pika stop this

*DEAD* ✰Sƈ00ȶʏ✰ : HOW

waverider207: fucking loser hacker pika
waverider207: kill yourself

KIИG : Pika commit suicide you ugly fucking nigger faggot

TheCrow : nice cheat pika
Susej Hellintown : hhhh
Pika_ : lol your bad
TheCrow : no you cheat

Let's Get Pedantic : fuck you
Let's Get Pedantic : poundapika is a dick
Let's Get Pedantic : pounderpika suck my cock

A Whorish Roserade : plot twist, he's hacking

*DEAD* Exotic : hacker


Banana Guards R Us : pika is hacks

*DEAD* Xx FryBoyMan xX : how did that sniper see me i invisiable

ϟ rain: YOU DONT
ϟ rain: DESERVE

*DEAD* I Game On A Potato : pika that was a nice flick turn around to immediately kill me

LuckyP: stfu hacker

*DEAD* sebastian_hmjst : aimbot ?

*DEAD* Homosexual Closet : hey maybe you should kick pika?

*DEAD* asian : cheater

*DEAD* Yeaos : wtf
*DEAD* Yeaos : hax
*DEAD* Yeaos : wtf
*SPEC* Edgy Eddy : nut
*DEAD* Yeaos : hacker
*SPEC* Edgy Eddy : that random crit
Yeaos : he knew I was tehre
Pika : u sound pissed
Yeaos : NO
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UGC S22 Silver HL on The Muffin Factory [www.ugcleague.com] (Solly) [1-1]

Past Highlander Experience:
- UGC S18 Steel HL on Shoot To Win (Engie/Sniper)
- UGC S19 Steel HL 2nd place on Show 'em the Pine (Medic)
- UGC S20 Silver HL 1st place on Saving Lieutenant Lemons (Engie/Sniper Sub)
- UGC S21 Plat HL for X'O (Heavy) for 5 weeks, then played Silver HL for The Muffin Factory (Spy) for 2 weeks.
- ETF2L S12 Mid HL 1st place on Joofy and the Jorillas (Engie/Sub)

Past 6's Experience:
- UGC S21 Iron 6's 7th place on Boys who cry (Roamer)
- TFCL S1 on Remove Kebab (Pocket)
- UGC S23 Steel 6's 4th place on BattleScarred Idiots (Sub)

Can you ring?
- Yea I guess, if I am on and I don't have a scrim myself
- I can ring anything except for demoman

How many crates have you opened?
- Well over 620, not a single unusual :/
- I have unboxed a Vanilla M9 Bayonet in CS:GO tho

What games do you play?
- TF2 (ofc), CS:GO, Overwatch, Civ V, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, GTA V, Runescape, D&D, etc

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Processor - Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.40 GHz
RAM - 16 GB
Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 4 GB
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Keyboard - Razer DeathStalker
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Headset - Sennheiser PC 350 SE
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