Live by the default, Die by the default   Scottish Borders, The, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Formerly Phrax, who was formerly Necris *bagpipes intensify*

The true story of Haggis. It is a little furry animal only found in the Highlands of Scotland. In order for it to balance on the steep slopes it has two long legs on one side and two short ones on the other. it runs around the hills but sometimes falls over, like a sheep it gets stuck on it's back and can't get up, so the farmers go out and collect them and kill em, bag em up in sheep stomach and sell them in the supermarkets!

Med main, roaming/HL solly on the side
Happy to learn, or if i can, help teach.
6's ugc steel: !RepourTeam
6's etf2l open: Squared^2
HL ugc silver: Bojo's mojo

Competetive experience:
UGC Season 20 Euro Steel Round 1 playoffs (Med)
UGC Season 21 Euro Steel (Med)
ETF2L Season 24 Euro Open (Med sub) 2v2 Cup 1 14th place

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6's ugc steel: !RepourTeam
6's etf2l open: Squared^2
2's Eut cup: Aromatic Crispy Ducks (14th out of 110)
HL ugc silver: Bojo's mojo

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Niro. Aug 4 @ 8:28am 
Babbling book is quickly becoming one of my favorite cards. It's just so positive and generous. Practically costs nothing at all at one mana you drop him on the board and that chill ass motherfucker gives you a spell to use later in the game. And you also get this adorable little 1/1 can ping things but usually is too harmless to be removed.
But more than the BB is just so positive. It comes on the board like "do you want to cast a spell?" and I'm like "yeah BB i do want to cast a spell let's do this shit" and when he attacks he's like "SPELLS ARE FUN" and I'm like "yeah they are SO FUN." He doesn't say some bullshit macho shit like "I will destroy you" he's just like "nah spells are fun." And it looks so happy. I mean this is an inanimate object literally brought to life by magic. It understands it's life is a temporary magical gift and the dude is just fucking loving it. I mean look at his face he's just so happy.
Necris Jul 29 @ 4:11am 
Is that where you got your soldier loadout sivik?
Sivik lft Mid/open pocket Jul 29 @ 3:36am 
░░░░░░░░░░░░▐▓▓▓▓▌ POW! HAHA!
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Kep May 14 @ 12:10am 
Rick Sanchez Mar 22 @ 9:20pm 
You have been visited by the Peaceful Shrimp. Share this message with 5 other Forensic Shrimp Scientists to not hurtle towards the ground at 500mph. (this is captainkillzone :D)
Vala Jan 20 @ 7:20am 
#1 practicioner of haggis-based alternative medicine.