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Hello peeps, I think its time for me to kill some kids on Dead by Daylight, aren't we all Bug exploiters and campers even though a guy sits behind the hook?

Now I know you like your text art work and you can name me up to 200 creations you can do using text, even though that's impressive, I don't want them appeared in my comments section, they will be deleted!

I am not trading as much however I do have some PD2 that I can trade with you. If you want to trade me some PD2 items, feel free to do that, however I want a 1:1 or 2:2 trade.

Dead By Daylight standards
Just in case if people get salty at me, here are my standards that I considered is fair when I play as killer as I see people call me a bug exploiter or a camper. Let me make this clear to you:
(1) I do not camp or stay around a hook, Unless if I see a bunch of SWF all going for him, expect me to stay around him for long.
(2) I don't use bugs, this is just stupid and ruins the game for everyone. Also why do I want to do it if there's a risk of me being banned from the game.
(3) Remember the golden rule? well if you treat me like sh*t, I will be an asshole to you back. Treat others that you want to be treated.
(4) A simple GG or GG WP will suffice, I don't want to create things into an argument where you go "boo hoo you camped me (which I probably didn't), Report, bye bye camper" If you say that to me, I will have no respect for you. Just because I beaten you in a fair game or a game where there's a bunch of SWF people being cocky af and lost it all at the end, then it shows you need to learn the game a little more and have more respect.
(5) If I used NOED and you call me out on it, IDGAF. If it's given to me, I will use it, even on killers like the trapper or the nurse or even Mike.
(6) Twitch streamers, I don't care you have a large fanbase, I don't care that you do SWF with your fans, I don't care you get footage and be salty at me, again if you have a fanbase that you can manipulate just to make me look bad, I will have no respect for your twitch stream and your fans (I might even report your stream if you're harrassing me or using fans to harrass me personally). I will have respect for streamers that are friendly and being respectful to me, not the ones that make me look bad.
7) I will fucking camp or slug you if you're sabotaging my shit. you can't report me for it.
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burnt potato
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theres a killer to escape
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get off ur cod shit
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oi u fuck the big men need you
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happy easter fags
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Happy Easter