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If you want to talk about something Gmod related, post a comment on my wall. Please don't be offended if I remove you from my friends list, I usually only keep people I know well or play with regularly.

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Drage: garrett is just really ignorant

Garrett: dont believe drage, hes a manipulative little snake

wild: fucking hell all m cake crumbles spilled
wild: fml
wild: soz brb

♙wilde: im just taking it too seriously
♙Pengy: y'know they say it's just a game
♙Pengy: but it's not
♙Pengy: it's a way of life
♙wilde: lmao
♙Pengy: and you can never take it too seriously
♙wilde: ;-;

♙wilde: i think i just take it too seriously
♙Pengy: hey what did i tell you about taking tf2 too seriously
♙Pengy: its not just a game its a way of life
♙wilde: ;-;

Luggnuts LFT Scout: what the fuck is with the airshots????
Luggnuts LFT Scout: pengy has god pipes plz ban

Luggnuts #2nd Place: I swear to fuck
Luggnuts #2nd Place: how do I get hit with every pipe
BB6 Pengy: 乁( ° ͜ °)ㄏ
pingu: cause u run in 1 line
Luggnuts #2nd Place: shut up

pingu: luggnuts u ate another pipe
Luggnuts #2nd Place: shhh
pingu: u eat pipes like i eat donuts
pingu: just never stop

Modafinil: pengy can u do something instead of baiting for frags and points
Modafinil: how is it bb6 can top score a pub but not get out of open

apples: I like how it's extremely rare for memers to be found in Asian servers but in Australia, there's like a community of them
Pengy: We call it the entire competitive scene over here, apples. :)


OZFL17 match 3
mackey: After a disappointing loss on Reckoner, Brian Damaged come strong into Snakewater hoping to even the series 1-1 but they did not expect that they wouldn't be the ones that were Brian Damaged, oh no, but it was the opposite team. "Parking the bus", running 2+ offclasses at a time and even running a permanent Natascha heavy. Over all a very confusing game none the less.

Delphinoid: You appear to have submitted the scores incorrectly.
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Addendum: I am still the same person as I always was, an immature ignorant little runt. Until further notice, I should screw off please.
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klm Apr 17 @ 6:40pm 
Pengy is great and helping towards others in the toughest of times, thank you so much Pengy for your awesome help and being a great friend !
apples Apr 14 @ 1:52am 
Your dp and name literally made me cry, 10/10
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added to invite to the medal
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lₑᵃᵥe me aˡₒnₑ