Nick's Panromir, using this for ages now.

I am a gamer, started playing UT in '99, then went to Counter Strike, Bf1942 and BF2142, UT2004, WoW.

Apparently INTJ Personality

When it comes to modern games, well, I guess you know better than me how it works these days.
So these are the games I really enjoy at the moment:
BF2142, TF2, Stronghold Crusader and some others I dont play that often but still enjoy!

"Photographers are violent people:
First they frame you,
then they shoot you,
and then they hang you on the wall!"

<CanFo> penises
<CanFo> big penises

T4F | CanFo | : firemen are sexy as hell

16:14 - ɨɬɘɑ ɑɖɖɪçɬ: Oh.. :P well...we're

21:09 - Kanin: I am an american girl my diet consists of twilight and mc donalds

22:29 - Azziel (@Work): I'm a bottom.

<Panromir> why do you take requests
<nTraum> because I like helping people.
<nTraum> jk, e-penis ofc.
<nTraum> I'm actually just bored in lecture.
<Permzilla> awkward that nTraum is doing a better job of it too
<nTraum> define 'better job'
<Permzilla> "not Panromir"

00:22 - King Kaiju: Noh
00:22 - King Kaiju: I'm cut
00:22 - King Kaiju: eCute
00:24 - Panromir: Youre cut huh
00:24 - Panromir: well

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gold Apr 17 @ 11:22am 
I have and its just stupid
Get help your "sexual orientation" is a mental disorder you fucking mongoloid.
gold Apr 17 @ 7:47am 
Well that'd be fucking gay
gold Apr 16 @ 3:27pm 
Why would I buy you a drink you wanna go on a date or sumthin?
gold Apr 14 @ 7:28am 
please kill yourself
[SPH] Tiriosh Snowtail Nov 5, 2016 @ 6:29pm 
*Pokes the Panromeow* Long time, no see.
Supernova May 10, 2016 @ 11:49am 
Touches your face.