Jose Cisneros Gutierrez   Benito Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico
★★★★☆ "4/5 stars. Simply the nicest asshole you'll ever meet." - Legitmate Person Reviewer

Want a TF2 script done? I'm your man, tell me what you want and I'll do my best to make your dream a reality!

If for some reason you have a HUD question, I can answer it but expect me to be a dick about it.

-Unboxed an Unusual Bolted Birdcage (Aces High) from Blue Summer Cooler--July 14, 2013
-Received an Australium Sniper Rifle from MvM--December 7, 2015
-Unboxed an Unusual Factory New Blue Mew Rocket Launcher (Cool) from Pyroland Case--December 19, 2015

best log: http://logs.tf/1546436#76561198045867485
top fragged: http://logs.tf/1577291#76561198045867485
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{FITH} Scratchh 20. Feb. um 20:59 Uhr 
+Rep, great player!
The Happy Turtle 16. Feb. um 17:17 Uhr 
+Rep, great player!
Fizz 7. Jan. um 0:39 Uhr 
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{FITH}™ Secretly Satan 17. Nov. 2016 um 18:26 Uhr