best friend on steam, check him out

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don't push my limits or bad things happen
Heh, hey kid, hows it going? Im sans the comic! Come on in! We got burgers and *so* much more! Stay a bit, you can hear my *terrific* humor. Take a sit, it looks to me like your legs are sore. But, don't think twice I know all your dirty secrets, so don't try s**t or I'll end your f**king life. But HEY! If your good, I will show you around snowdin town. It's so great! If your not a f**king murderer. Shop at the shop, you can get some delicious sweet buns, they'll heal you in battle, but you better not get in any fights or ill kill you.


Currently Online
i know alot of ways on helping wounds and problems so basically i can be your doctor until it heals, i can also help on some computer problems


youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC30S3JtUKEr4yoMLzNtrJwA
steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/OmegaDudee/ (why did i need to put that there)
league of legends: http://www.elophant.com/league-of-legends/summoner/na/45005668 (don't play anymore)
any other things are not me because i'm omegadudee not omegadude
donation: /https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=136061882&token=RFh3h_AI

games i play

1. overwatch (main game)
2. youtube
3. tf2
4. league of legends (don't play anymore)

Adding rules

no private profiles
no spamming me please
if my friends list is full go to omegadudees oasis (my group)

When we become friends

no project spams please because i will report you and unfriend you if you spam those links
don't harrass me or i will report you and unfriend you
don't harrass my friends either or report and unfriend


it must be exact same time (no double trades for one side because scammers)
no telling lies about price i have backpack.tf to see prices
don't make joke trades like 1 SCRAP FOR THAT AUSSIE you will be reported for scamming


out of emoticons for now

feel free to join any time


i have lists of donations and put a link to profile in donation so i can put you in my next videos

10% crates
20% weapons
30% stranges
40% hats/genuines
50% unusual
75% aussie (low tier)
100% aussie (high tier)


please don't spam memes on my profile you will be blocked and reported for spam

no insults

no profile chat wars

Recent Activity

3,849 hrs on record
last played on Sep 9
24 hrs on record
last played on May 26
4.5 hrs on record
last played on May 26
aureus | tipofthehats.org Sep 22 @ 7:58pm 
kabo om
uncle dank Sep 11 @ 4:12pm 
glad to have brought you back into the idiot-recording game
k i n m o Sep 4 @ 6:06am 
when u find out ur best friend has another best friend *calls china to nuke america (btw nice tho, im not mad kek just go have fun pure kek)
gus Sep 3 @ 9:23pm 
dat slaps me on the knee
aureus | tipofthehats.org Sep 1 @ 10:32am 
i am not in the beam
-».•´Klesum`•.«- Aug 31 @ 10:02pm 
Klesum is in the beam