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if you want to shoot up schools come to   Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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Katie ♥ Oct 12 @ 11:46am 
snuggles :P :3
PilotBland Oct 7 @ 12:27am 
hey there cutie OwO xDDD rawr
1 2 3 islam Sep 28 @ 7:41pm 
Listen kid, you think you're really tough saying that shit to me over the internet, don't you? I imagine you, little shit, some 5 foot 5 pasty white skinnyfat nerd typing his bullshit out to me on the internet without even knowing who or what exactly I am. I am the fucking king. I am the one is in the darkness enshrouded in shadows waiting to strike like a coiled up viper. I am the doom and destruction and I will rain terror upon your whole life you little CUNT. I am a fucking yellow belt in karate and so help me if you ever try saying that shit to me (a high test 300+lb alpha who lived on the mean streets on London) I will shove your teeth so far up your arse your hands will chatter. Go and think up some clever little reply. Because it'll be the last reply you ever make.
1 2 3 islam Sep 28 @ 7:40pm 
If you are over 15 and like cartoons you are a loser. Anime dragon ball Z etc. No excuse. Plus ANY woman loses respect for you. Grow up.
bishop Sep 26 @ 12:58pm 
-jebany pedal
1 2 3 islam Sep 20 @ 7:50pm 
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