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My Characters
You can request for more info on them
(N) = Not for ERP (M) = Maybe not/will erp
Fred [Male Grizzly Bear, Nightmare] (Bro: JBear) (Sis: Rose)
JBear [Male Grizzly Bear] (Bro: Fred) (Sis: Rose)
DJ Lightning [Male Electric Dragon] (Can breath Fire or Electricity) [Switch]
Zac [Male strong Rabbit]
X [Male Guard Wasp] (N) [Asexual, not breeding wasp]
Glive [Male Arctic Fox] [Switch if convinced]
Glaven [Male Arctic Wolf] (N) [Asexual]
Klaubern [Male Dingo] / [Male Kobold]
Jack [Male Demon Wolf] (Bro: Jake & Jax)
Jake [Male Zombielike Wolf] (Bro: Jack & Jax) [Switch]
Jax [Male Incubus Wolf] (Bro: Jack & Jake) [Switch]
Fraz Divo [Male Kobold Knight]
Malthis [Male ageless kobold] (M) [Asexual]
Gridix [Male Labrador Retriever]
Daisy [A hivemind that controls people] (Has no gender)
Eritix ["Male" Slime, looking like a fox]

Female characters, not for ERP anymore.
Rose [Female Grizzly Bear] (Bro: Fred)
Wendy [Female Fox] (Blind)
Dr. Spiral [Female Polar Bear]

Majority of theses are doms, unless I put/say otherwise.

What's a kobold!? []
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Years roleplaying ≠ Being good at Roleplaying.

1. Add questions 2. Rules
3. Random Facts 4. Other
5. My Timetable

Section 1, Add questions

Why are you adding me?
Because I saw you in a game!
Cool, but this is still not a valid reason.

I wanted to add you because I wanted to ... with you!
Well, ensure upon add you comment/message why.

You denied my friend request!
If you have a private profile (even friends only) you won't get accepted as I don't accept those type of profiles, or you've got a very bad rep, either way this is one of the easiest to avoid rule and if you break it then I'm worried if you should even be attempting to add me.

Why did you remove me?
If you've added me and not responded within roughly around a week you may be removed from my friends list, this doesn't mean you can't just readd, but know if you continue to repeat this you can end up getting blocked.

Why did you remove me in less than a week!?
People who add alot of other friends tend to look like friend collectors, this specially happens if you've not sent me a message on add.

Trade me dat item
No, get out, unless the trade offer failed for whatever reason you require no reason to add me for trading, I only sell/buy stuff but not go directly people to do so.

Are you a friend collector?
If yes, I recommend you leave now.

Whats your dominance?
I'd more just say switch, but i'ma top implying that I don't take it.
The switch mainly just means that someone can just powerbottom me and i'm fine.

Section 2, Rules
1. Be somewhat active
2. Be nice
3. Be willing to start chat, srs i'm happy to talk
4. If I want to be alone, theres a reason for it.
5. My characters are MY characters, if I want to kill them all off, I will.

Section 3, Random Facts
1. Fred's original wife was Daisy the hivemind controlling a orange furred bear.
2. Klaubern's sanity has been destroyed and can transform into a nightmare.
3. Despite all hints, Fraz and Klaubern were once dating before Klaubern lost his mind and forgot him. But the personality is slowly falling for him again.
4. Fred's Void is unsurvivable as it contains no time for people to survive in without Fred there.
5. Glive isn't naturally born and was a creation by Spiral to disprove the creation theory by creating a person with science. Glaven is also the same.
6. Despite all odds, Jack is the only pure blooded royal demon, where as his brother Jax and Jake are an incubus and Zombie respectfully.
7. Gridix's design is more of a "Anti-edge" of what most people do with dark furred characters, since Gridix wears bright yellow engineering clothing.
8. Glaven is designed in a way to be like Scaramouch and Mettaton, mainly the idea of a famous actor character.
9. Excluding the ability of magic, Fraz Divo is the strongest character who can punch someone hard enough to knock them out and send them across the room, this is a joke based on his nat 20s he rolls for this.
10. Gridix is one of the most loved characters as of the moment, Fred is the most oldest character.



BDSM Test:

Who are you?
I'm just a bear on a computer.

What do you do?
I like to game, do projects, talk, or whatever y'all do.

Will we ever play?
Yus, just ask you nerd. <:3

I most likely have "away" for a reason or "busy", spamming me does not help it so please stop and wait for me to respond.

No, I will not give you free crap just because I've earned it, even if it's your birthday that's only for my special friends who've stayed with me for a long time! (and have given me past gifts i owe 'em)
I will not gift you stuff, gifting me stuff is kinda okay since I ain't all that bothered (Games are neat, but best ask before buying :\ )

Roleplay with me!
I may be busy, please ask me before roleplaying, please don't just talk to me because you're horny, porn is online for a reason, I only like roleplaying if it's somewhat descriptive or has a meaning. (Or if it's fun in the sense of how the two may be shipped, etc)

Lol I thought this died out.
F-List [] here.

I tend to be busy as of recently, so if you want to do something ask first.

All time is in GMT +1 british time, etc.
The gap inbetween college and freetime is me returning home, do know I may be late due to traffic and stuff.
Monday&Tuesday: 9am - 4:30 pm college
Freetime: 5.30pm till midnight

Wednesday: 9am - 1:30pm college
Freetime: 3:15pm till midnight

Thursday: 9am - 12:30am college
Freetime: 1:30pm till whenever I decide to go to bed.

Friday: Free Day

Weekends tend to be free unless parents decide "Nah fam, we're doin' something else."

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