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Be nice and kind and i'll return the favor. [level 5+ only, please.]
My URealms group: Fred's Realm. My URealms Table: Fred's Realm Table.

My Characters
You can request for more info on them
(N) = Not for ERP (M) = Maybe
Fred [Male Papa Grizzly Bear, nightmare]
DJ Lightning [Male Electric Dragon] (Can breath Fire or Electricity)
Zac [Male strong Rabbit]
X [Male Guard Wasp] (N)
Rose [Female Grizzly Bear] (N)
Wendy [Female Fox] (Blind) (M)
Dr. Spiral [Female Polar Bear] (M)
Glive [Male Arctic Fox]
Glaven [Male Arctic Wolf] (N)
Klaubern [Male Dingo] / [Male Kobold]
Jack [Male Demon] / [Male Demon Wolf]
Jake [Male Zombie] / [Male Zombielike Wolf]
CogsWorth [Male Robotic Owl] (N)
Fraz Divo [Male Kobold Knight]
Malthis [Male ageless kobold] (M)
Goldie [Male Golden Cub] (Fred's son) (N)

Characters I don't own but RP as
[ (N) = No matter what I want to play as them, if fine, mainly FNaF related due to me being in it. ]
Withered Foxy (N)
Freddy, W.Freddy, S.Freddy, etc
The Nightmare animatronics [N for most]
Golden (N for MY canon roleplay reasons.)
[I don't often use Phantoms]

Though I do use 'em, some of mine are from Fred's Realm.
(URealm Characters, like Klaubern's kobold form)

==========================TO BE CONTINUED====================>
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1. Add questions 2. Rules
3. Canon Story [base] 4. Other

Section 1, Add questions

1. Are you slightly active?
If no, don't bother.

2. Did I remove you for not being active?
If yes, was it an silent removeal?
If yes, possible removal by mistake, feel free to readd.
If no, keep on reading.

3. Are you adding JUST for: Tabletop, MvM or just casual talk?
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If no, carry on scrolling down this.

4. Are you an ERPer?
If so, are you total top/dom?
If yes, get out.
If no, will you mostly always sub/bottom to me?
If yes, read 7 & 8 before add
If no, you better hope you ain't here for an ERP.
[Note: Sorry, but I no longer deal with doms anymore. It's always battle for the largest cock rather than pleasing the sub, it'd mainly happen in canon RPs but ERP wise, no.]

5. Are you here to start a canon universe?/RP with lore that'll be used later on
If yes, HIT THAT ADD BUTTON! plz? I love storys. :c
If No, just casual RP? [E.G: Games, cartoons]
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6. Are you fine with starting the chat till I get to fully know you?
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If no, this might need some work.

7. Do you JUST want to voice chat?
If Yes, ask before voice, and let me trust you first.
If No, If you want to, ask after when I trusted you.

8. If you prefer detailed RP/ERPs, please tell and same for one liners.
If you're here for a canon rp add, I expect atleast a few minor details, unless you're controlling a bunch of characters at once, which is highly understandable. (Seriously, I die after an hour without breaks. :P)
And if you're a one liner, please atleast keep the RP last awhile and add minor details, E.G:
Fred: *chuckles seductivly as he'd softly nibble on the back of your neck* "Mmh~ Aren't ya just adorable~"

9. Are you just a Friend adder who then does nothing with them?
If Yes, get out now.

Section 2, Rules
1. Be somewhat active
2. Be nice
3. Be willing to start chat, srs i'm happy to talk
4. If I want to be alone, theres a reason for it.
5. My characters are MY characters, if I want to kill them all off, I will.

Section 3, Canon Base

Base 1: Welcome to dimension 67470A, the land controled by 4 powerful beings, despite being only 1 of their kind through out the entire dimensions, you're also glad they're right HERE to help you.

Base 2: Welcome to Klau's Universe, Minion!
This dimension has been taken control by our favorite loveable Dingo/Kobold, how will our survivors over throw this king?

Base 3: Faith Epoch [similar to Homestuck]
So hey, you just got this new game for this new console that says it puts you in the game, well little did you know you'd be litterly inside the game! However to leave the game you must beat all of the bosses, can you handle it, newbie?

Base 4: Unforgotten Realms / Fred's Realm (NOT LIMITED TO RPs)
Here in the Realms, theres are only 6 main races. Elves, Dwarfs, Kobolds, Goblins, Gnomes and Porcs. Though there are also High Bears, they're rare and see other races lower than them. Yes there are stuff like Hatrats, Snakes and etc.

(Often this is only for those who played URealms with me on Tabletop, but we can still make characters canon and that for it)


My name of course Is Fred, i'm an bi/pansexual male who is currently already in an relationship, in my own personal view I think i'm ruinning it and i'm afraid of something, I have more flaws than advantages so I guess that's okay?
I mean I'm shy to start with as in I tend not to start chats, being alone makes me very crazy. I purposely be unpredictable, it makes me slightly funnier I think, on the verge of just purging all friends and just starting fresh, i've made many mistakes and starting RPs have slowly became one, reason being is that nobody ever does them and if they do it's very slow responces and it lasts for a small bit then stops, I really hate those who don't talk, I admit it, I know I don't but that's why I have rules so people don't be disapointed with me.

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Happy new year!
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Saw your comment fred :3 😀👍
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Nice bear
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I miss you too
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I miss you lots
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