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Fantastic digital board game. From the characters to the soundtrack and gameplay, this is a well-rounded piece of work.

While the rules are quite simple, the tactics/strategies you must employ lend depth to the game. It's very fun to play with friends too or even random people.

If you're looking for something fun, this could be it!
Posted November 23, 2016.
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Game is mildly addictive.
Posted June 27, 2016. Last edited February 28.
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This is one of the best ARPGs of this generation. If you like the traditional gameplay of the Diablo series, this is a must-play!

There are four default character classes and each with 30 skills that can be levelled up to 15 times each:

- Berserker
- Embermage
- Engineer
- Outlander

Additionally, you are able to assign attribute points each time you level. This combination allows for a huge variety of character builds.

There's a great variety of monsters, dungeons, loot, bosses, and more. You'll be running through a variety of environments with massive randomly generated maps. The nice thing though is that the map does not randomly generate each time you play but rather you can force it to re-roll the world when you play. Also, since this game is fully moddable, it's unlikely you'll run out of things to try.

Difficulty ranges from Casual (you're god-like) to Elite (oh god, why?!). And for the truly hardcore... there's Hardcore mode - in other words, perma-death.

I highly recommend playing this game with friends, and with the following mods:

Posted December 2, 2013. Last edited December 2, 2013.
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If you were a fan of Rainbow Six's classic planning mode, if you enjoy chess and tactics, or if you just enjoy strategy games in general... you'll probably have a lot of fun with this game.

The game is simple: You control a small group of soldiers and your objective is to take out the other team, rescue hostages, and/or take control of areas. Online play is in a turn-based format (much akin to postal-chess) so you do not have to be there 'live' to play it.

Couple that with streamlined graphics, an amazing soundtrack. This game is well worth the entry fee as an indie title.

Highly recommended!
Posted July 3, 2011.
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A gem of a game that most people probably haven't heard of or played.

You play as a 'Evil Genius' who starts off as a small-timer and slowly build resources, an army of goons, devious devices and traps... of couse, all of it to enhance your awesome lair and keep the good guys at bay while on your way to world domination!

Two words: Play it!
Posted December 18, 2010.
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