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Trading/Misc Information
- Trades are made in a FIRST COME; FIRST SERVE order
- Trades CAN take 30 Minutes or more to complete
- Trades WILL be discounted up to 50% off current price**
- DO NOT ADD ME TO TRADE ; Send an offer and I'll get to it at my earliest convenience
- Trades not meeting the qualifications below are subject to denial:

a). The item(s) was(were) not listed under my classifieds ad**
b). The correct price was not established in the trade (I will correct the trade ONCE )

**note: The "Up to 50% off current price" applies to current pricing via pricing. For my current listing, see my ad HERE [] . "Up to 50% off current price" follows the current regulations:

a). The item(s) being listed are a MAXIMUM of 50% off the current price via
b). Listed prices are set by me, the trader, and therefore, discounts are at my discretion
c). Listing prices are as listed and will not drop until certain variables have been met (item has not sold well, pricing for the item has dropped, etc)
Misc Information
I frequent MvM currently; trying to get some decent loot
I do not accept random friend requests. Unless I've gotten to know you, you're not on my list
Owner and founder of Papa's Peeperoni's
Newcomer to mapmaking (You'll find me also using Hammer)

The link to my profile:
The link to my SteamRep:
I'll own an Unusual Rotation Sensation with the Burning Flames Effect
My inventory is always open for view


Papa Burny - "I spent $100 for worse... I mean, I'm a Grand Donator on Neon Heights... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
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