It's time to get paid
ArcticBanana : fukin octane
Freddy Fazbear : a noob an ideot and racist what isant this fuck

*DEAD* [#RKS#]OrIflame : fuk the octane

The ButtShark : Octane I hope you die in your sleep wanker

pantelispaulidis : KICK OSEAN
pantelispaulidis : OCTANE

*DEAD* Auspex : octane hack
*DEAD* Auspex : faggot

banana : octane >>> idiot noob

DAMN IM GOOD!: octane retarded motherfucker kiid noob lagger
DAMN IM GOOD!: go play lol son of bitch


(っ◔◡◔)っ : fucking octave
(っ◔◡◔)っ : eat shit

*DEAD* giraffe high on coke meme king : nice aimbot faggot

Thai Box Box (Blitzcrank): first i kill you then i am gonna masturbait: on you dead body then i am gonna hang you mom, and cut you dads dickk off so he ca
Thai Box Box (Blitzcrank): can't make more kind off you
Thai Box Box (Blitzcrank): you fuckingg prickk
Trock2g (Draven): very kiddo tresh

LordofMarius iZi:# (Annie): fac you thresh noob you


*DEAD* Tex : Only hacker is Octane

*DEAD* baranowski521 : ocatane chater

*DEAD* [LyT :D] Dalek : Wanna mge octane?
*DEAD* [LyT :D] Dalek : You are shit
*DEAD* B1ZλRR3 : Thresh main lmfao

Red Riding Nope : report octane for grieving please

*DEAD* KING [FR] : hate you noob octane

Tom : octain is cheating, please kick them
Tom : octain, 5 minutes, 30 points
Tom : seems legit

NEXT : octane omg fucking gibus scout

0fckgeevn : bitch, you were dick heavy sucking, stfu, ulesess fag.

*DEAD* ThèDògèHàtèsYòù : octane is wall hack
MaDEaglE : заипали читеры
*DEAD* BlueFlareGaming3 : yeah

*DEAD* MMMHH CHARAL! : octane just fuck you
Mr.Bungle : ikr

ZiTa : wyep
ZiTa : yep
ZiTa : that octane is a hacker
ZiTa : yep
EnToLaOreja : octane use scrips
Gabriel : octane, you are an idiot
EnToLaOreja : go scrip league of legends

*MORT* DuckBoii : octane are you retarded?
☁ ⠀ : kick octane fucking faggot kid
*MORT* auka.magga : octane is a jerk

*DEAD* The one true Spy : wm1 crit pocket noob
*DEAD* The one true Spy : wm1 crit noob
*DEAD* The one true Spy : get some skill
*DEAD* The one true Spy : and dont wm1 your way to no skill victory
*DEAD* The one true Spy : can you even do something wiothout your fucking crits

*DEAD* SHADOW KILLER : octane is hacking
*DEAD* SHADOW KILLER : octane fuck of u bich

*DEAD* GoldNinja : octane hacker

MrTUTUKLU : hacking octane
*DEAD* MrTUTUKLU : you mother fucker octane

The Ares | Trade.tf : Octane nice hacks
The Ares | Trade.tf : Blu kick Octane he is using cheats

orkan : octane you fedora wearing neckbeard

*DEAD* Joe the Human : Enjoy your report mr, Octane :)

hopr ★ : y the hell am i even wasting my time uve spent 4k hours in a game just to end up pocketting wm1 pyros

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Index 19 hours ago 
in the description of your profile you didnt put WHY SO MANY PEOPLE HATES YOU.
Add also that you KICK RANDOM PEOPLE.
Multihog Sep 10 @ 4:00am 
delivered a heavy ride
Haha get a life noob. Why even kicked? Team needs better medic than u are u little fucktard kid
octane Jul 31 @ 6:30pm 
my profile full of hate? whatever gave you that idea?
Miss Medicine Jul 31 @ 1:11pm 
So you and your friend bombastasticus spam votekick at random people for fun I guess? Not that It worked this time.. But I was wondering why, since there seemed too be no reason for it. So I looked up your profiles.
And what I found were 2 profiles with much hate, and little friends. Complete opposide of mine, though we are both good medic mains.
Might I suggest spending your time a little more constuctive. You might find you actually have more fun playing the game, with less people hating you. Same with life itself.
As you must have noticed, because you were kicked for your behaviour in the end.
Index Jun 30 @ 9:06am 
kept trying to kick people randomly, a pure retard