Hi, I'm ViVX! I highly respect japanese culture and enjoy anime and if you don't then you do not add me.

I respect everyone and everybody equally and if you do not then prepare to be blocked ItsMatty style!
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Shadow Mar 20 @ 4:31pm 
Yes, but not secretly
IceManF12 Mar 20 @ 4:25pm 
no u
Shadow Mar 17 @ 12:22pm 
The man below me is secretly a furry
IceManF12 Mar 16 @ 2:31pm 
*notices buldge* OwO *nervously talking* W-What's this?...
Shadow Mar 12 @ 3:32am 
OwO what's this?
PenguinBlue E Mar 10 @ 2:26pm 
Name - Perz"Cipher"EliX
Nickname - Perz
Gender - Female
Eye Color - Yellow (Not in IRL)
Abitlies - Blue flame, teleportation, can possess people, float, haunt peoples dreams/give nightmares.
Weaknesses -
Friendos - Harvey (He changes his name), Will Cipher, Bill Cipher, Dragon (a fnaf fan), etc.
Birthday - July 4th, 2001. (Not IRL But in RPs)

IRL Info
Name - S-
Birthday - 3/16/
Surname -
Gender - Female -.-
Hair Color - Blackish Brownish.
Eye Color - Black or Brown.
Facts -
I have a Bill Cipher hoodie, I got it on 3/1/18. ^^ Good for cosplays!!!!!! ^-^
I love the triangle guy, Bill Cipher.
I wear glasses.
I have anxiety and I halluincate stuff that isn't real. Or my eyesight is horrible.
I love to draw, but I suck at drawing. But I'll try to draw you something. :)

Info about my setup -
PC - Desktop, Acer, intel.
Headset/Mic - Unknown I just have one.
PC Monitor - HANNSG.