Aidan   Nordland, Norway
“Odin gave his eye for knowledge, I would give far more."
Ragnar Lodbrook

"Without honor victory is hollow"[/h1] -Unknown

Santa is commonly linked to the Odin, one of the major gods within the Norse pantheon who was depicted as a white bearded man with magical. Christmas is also said to be Christianity's version of Yule, a time where Odin would lead a hunting party known as the "Wild hunt", but since Christians refused to believe in pagan beliefs they chose they chose to make their own holiday adopting the relation to Saint Nick. Therefore #Odinissantaconfirmed.[/h]

Favourite thing on the internet:

I don't play on weekends because I'm either hunting,fishing, boxing, hiking,etc. But if you need to message me for god knows what, I have my phone.

Names you may know me by:
Apollo, Private First class of the Galactic marines.

Frostbyte, sergeant of the Dragon

Order, Alpha ARC 66

Achilles, 1st lieutenant of the Advanced recon commandos

Tyr, Private first class of the 91st Reconisance.

Atin,Sergeant of Omega squadron.(VSG)

Niner, Commander of Omega squadron.(VSG)

Wolffe, Commander of the 104th.(SGN)

Sarin, 2nd lieutenant of the Dragon Corps

Scorch, corporal of the delta squadron (NN)

Fenrir, Master Sergeant of the 104th,Sergeant of the 501st, 1st medical lieutenant of the Rancor battalion, Unassigned Republic commando Private first class,Private first class of the shadow corps,Tango company Private First Class, and last but not least Commander of the Dragon Corps(SGN).

Colt, Commander of the Rancor(Exhibtion).

Now known as ARC General Odin.

Note: List of name is to signify who I was, my amount of experience, and so I don't forget all the good memories I had as these jobs.

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