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If I don't know you and you're adding me, give me a reason or I delete u - ty - I am a leet gamer.

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Frederick Sep 24 @ 10:57am 
Skive Sep 14 @ 8:12pm 
I was just like you. I used to eat, drink, dress and write with my left hand. That's how Allah created me. The moment I became religious in 1968, Allah be praised, this came to an end. There were times when Satan tempted me to use my left hand. Then I take my left hand and place it under my left leg. That's it, it's stuck. It won't come out.
a_sock Sep 13 @ 2:36am 
Added because I think you might be interested in a big TF2 balance related project I have been working on for a while.
maggy Aug 27 @ 9:22am 
Hi i added you for some mentoring if your willing to do it
robo Aug 21 @ 7:23am 
Hey, I asked dd about mentoring my team and I, and he said he wasn't any good at it and pointed me to you. Would you be interested in mentoring us?
noah Jul 31 @ 3:23pm 
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