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This game is amazing! The two types you can pick let you get mutations or cybernetics. There are things you can do with them that you'd never imagine. Just look at the achievements and wonder how the heck can I do that?

I made a character that is basically Muadib or Leto II from DUNE. I can see the future and once I looked into the future and died in combat, but it was just a vision of me playing for several turns, so I went back to the moment I started looking in the future.

You can make inanimate objects come alive, if powerful enough with the right mutation.

Oh and I won't say how, but you can rip off your own face and wear it on your face.

You can start a cult or become a serial killer, getting people to follow you to their doom.

If you get too powerful mentally, SOMETHING will notice.

This is my actual dream game. You know, the game you think would be amazing but sad that nobody makes it.

Well they made it and it's amazing.

p.s. There are seriously factions for animals. I remember seeing someone who was hated by frogs because he told a bad joke or something. I love this game.

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Mr. Eaten May 8, 2015 @ 4:55am 
Yeah I agree with you. Yours is much better professional than mine but oh well :)
Burn May 8, 2015 @ 1:13am 
Cool new profile picture. I love it when gamers put their real photo as their profile picture. Makes talking to them much more enjoyable and easier.