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Welcome Gals and Gents,
Selling Series 3 Pin Codes
:redchrystal: Hydra Pin

Social Media
:redchrystal: Twitter: @NuitCSGO
:redchrystal: reddit: /u/elNuit
:redchrystal: Wechat: NuitCSGO

Key Points
:redchrystal: Your #1 Agent in Virtual Luxury!
:redchrystal: Facilitated millions in USD cash-transactions!
:redchrystal: Owned everything and can get you anything!
:redchrystal: Specialized in CS:GO goods - but do branch out!
:redchrystal: Extensive network within virtual luxury goods!
:redchrystal: Contact me for inquiries!

Useful Links
:redchrystal: For trading use my: Tradelink
:redchrystal: For cash-trades refer to my: Cash Reputation
:redchrystal: To check my public listings go to: OPSkins []
:redchrystal: To verify my integrity go to: SteamRep []
:redchrystal: If I'm offline refer to my: Timezone []

General Information
:redchrystal: Avid and reputable CS:GO trader, collector
:redchrystal: Always looking to buy and sell top shelf items
:redchrystal: I will NEVER add you from a different account.
:redchrystal: All transactions are final. I do not offer tradebacks
:redchrystal: Frequently employed to locate and acquire skins for clients - contact me for inquiries
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★ Karambit | Case Hardened (Field-tested) - #1 Pattern, #387 non duped + ★ Sport Gloves | Superconductor (Factory New)
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Stattrak™ Ak-47 | Fire Serpent (Factory New) w/ 1x Reason Holo + 3x Vox Holos -- 1 of 1

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Give me a knife
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