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stop calling me a furry

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HL S24 Platinum: Second Wind (3-5) Starting Scout
RGL S3 Div 1: m8s (2-2) Starting Flex (mostly scout)

Permanently untrusted on CS:GO. I was hijacked on Sep. 4th 2015, and the hijacker used cheats in matchmaking to get me perma banned. Submitted a ticket but steam support is shitty.

Also banned from whatever thing Trove runs on because my username, "japanese101" was offensive. :P

Competitive History:
UGC S15 Steel: Drama Kings (6-3) Backup Spy & Medic | Made playoffs
UGC S16 Silver: cadillacs and dinosaurs (8-4) All-class backup | 4th place
UGC S17 Gold: cadillacs and dinosaurs (5-3) All-class backup | 5th place
UGC S18 Gold: cadillacs and dinosaurs (3-3) All-class backup | Team itself dropped out
UGC S19 Silver: Disappointments Per Minute (8-4) Starting Scout | 2nd place
UGC S22 Platinum: Second Wind (3-7) Starting Scout | Made playoffs
UGC S23 Platinum: Second Wind (3-5) Starting Scout
TFCL S1: Apollodosh (10-3) Starting Scout | 1st place

UGC 6v6:
6v6 S17 Iron: Men of the Pumpkin Patch (4-4) Backup Scout
6v6 S18 Steel: Madvillains (5-4) Starting Medic | Made playoffs
6v6 S19 Silver: Alcoholic Skeletors Anonymous (3-4) Starting Medic
6v6 S20 Silver: Fast Company 6s (3-5) Backup Medic
6v6 S21 Silver: Counterfeit Yen (5-4) All-class backup -> Starting Scout | Made playoffs
6v6 S22 Silver: Tilting at Windmills (5-4) All-class backup | Made playoffs

6v6 S21 Open: BotDog (8-8) Starting Medic
6v6 S23 Open: BotDog (9-7) Starting Scout
6v6 S24 IM: The Nutty Norsemen (7-9) Starting Scout

Career high: 4179
UGC S4 Silver: Weeaboops (4.5-4) Starting DPS | Made playoffs
also i basically quit this game

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I bet you just went to sleep
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You have sown the Second Wind; You shall reap the Second Whirlwind
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Nuck figgers
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