I am happy, but you can still leave me alone.
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Don't erp me, it's up here now because apparetnly it's 'tl;dr' or whatever term is used for being too lazy to read.

Also because it's apparently hard to read somehow, I'll make it clear as day. LEAVE A COMMENT BEFORE ADDING ME OR I WILL IGNORE IT. Easy enough to read, right:

Mother knows best.

If you remove me, be polite and inform me, I'm not going to look through 100,000 profiles anymore to find you anymore, it's too much time for me to expend after the 90 times I've done it. That is unless I actually considered you a good friend, in which case I'll look for you.

I just work as a dishwasher/prep cook for first class flyers on Alaskan Airlines. It's terrible, unfun, boring, and bland.


If I have working in my name, I'm at work and nothing else. I'll try to get back to your messages afterwords though if I have the time or if I'm in the mood to!

I can be rude, sarcastic, nice, but mostly just quiet. I don't often start conversations and I surely don't always respond to some.

I'm disabled in some areas of my brain, motor controls included. I don't care if you want to point them out and laugh at me, I don't care if you want to laugh at me for being unable to read long/short stories/books. I just don't care and live with it.

I'm smart but my memory isn't as great as it used to be but hey, I'm trying my best. But then again if we have no real bond or don't talk that much, can you blame me for not remembering you all to well.

I put my safety behind others, even if it leads to me dying or losing them in the heat of whatever situation it is, I just want them to know I tried my best for them.

I'm shy, I don't talk too much at first and even later I'm quiet, if you don't like it, sorry to dissapoint you but that's how I am, and I can't fix it. I've tried for countless years to fix it, accepting that I needed to fix it but it just doesn't work for me, if you can understand that then thank you.

I've had nightmares most of my life, and I'm very paranoid.

If I didn't accept your add, it's either that I was too busy to notice, or just didn't want to. Or I might think you're a bot, something like that.

If I don't play a game with you, it's either I don't have it, I don't feel the urge to play it/bored of it, or sick and don't feel up to anything.

I can turn from extremely kind to emotionally unstable from time to time.

I've been told that my soft voice is cute, not like you'll hear it much. (I love to joke around with my voice, changing in tone, attitude, and lots of other stuff)

I like boys, bunnies, sunflowers, buns, and that kind of stuff... I like to have friends too.

Time is taken, gifts are given, and laughter, is the best medicine. -Mango made this for me, if you play with me then you'd understand the glorious ping given to me for obscure reasons.

"Describe your life in one sentence."

Congratulations, you now know a little more about me. If you're expecting something I'm afraid to tell you I'm out of cookies. Sorry

Even if we're best friends, we'll still fight, right Mik Mik?
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Haru 8 minutes ago 
*erps you*
now how will i let it go
happy thoughts 13 hours ago 
happy thoughts 16 hours ago 
You have to go first. As the superior person and my senpai, I expect you to make the first move to set an example and a standard to aspire to
happy thoughts Nov 16 @ 2:23am 
Finish Doki Doki Literature Club and I'll stop bullying you so much