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and on this flight, may I never lose sight


TF2 Competitive Experience

UGC HL S8 [Iron] - Umbra Engineer
UGC HL S9 [Silver] - Alpha Tango Engineer
UGC HL S10 [Silver] - Cloud 9 Engineer 2nd Place
UGC HL S11 [Platinum] - Death Marked Soldiers Engineer
UGC HL S12 [Gold] - Pregame Tryhards/SomalianSpiritSquad Engineer
UGC HL S13 [Gold] - Getting Technical Engineer 2nd Place
UGC HL S15 [Platinum] - Route from Smokin Trees Engineer
UGC HL S18 [Silver] - Dragon Tales Demo 3rd Place (Allstar)
UGC HL S23 [Steel] - Hons Vigorous Vape Club Demo 1st Place
UGC HL S24 [Silver] - Gotta Blast! BLACK Demo

UGC 6's S13 [Silver] - Always Bottomfrag Sixes Medic
UGC 6's S14 [Silver] - Mountain Dew Republic Medic
UGC 6's S20 [Steel] - Jukebox Heros Demo
UGC 6's S21 [Silver] - Hit A Dab Medic
UGC 6's S26 [Silver] - WeWinston Demo

UGC 4's S13 [Silver] - Katana Konnoisseur Kids Demo

RGL Div-1 - ShroomGang Demo

ESEA-O S27 - ShroomGang Demo

homles: im adding up
homles: every class
homles: just so i can play
homles: this shit pug
homles: if i get fatkidded
homles: im actually
homles: gonna slice my cock off
homles: ill be 16 lbs lighter

homeless: jk lol
kung fu kenny: LOL
homeless: its tiny

kung fu kenny: im quitting this game
homeless: same
kung fu kenny: clash of clans is my calling
homeless: oh i was quitting to do porn

Chocccc - Today at 6:41 PM
dude I just want a thicc ass girl to sit on my face
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RonnieJ 23 hours ago 
From: Tom Servo, New Jersey
Kung fu knuckles Mar 7 @ 4:09pm 
GIF שלך הם הרבה יותר הומו
Kung fu knuckles Feb 26 @ 11:46am 
The first time i saw you i couldn't take my eyes of you.
in school i was always there for you when assholes u dated treated you with 1% of the respect i have for you in 1% of my heart alone. I always offered to pay for your lunch even when you were dating other guys.
when you wanted to go out because an asshole broke up with you and you needed to take your mind off it and i was busy I made time for you, but also respected you when you were busy.
So im sorry if this seems so sudden but i can't hold it anymore. I love you and I don't care if you love me back or not.
and it doesn't even matter because we are soon to never see each other anymore.
So that's it. I just needed you to know that.
beachtown Feb 21 @ 9:10pm 
fuck you
O][L hmls Feb 16 @ 9:21pm 
+rep Actually very EpicKk won us esea match
O][L hmls Feb 16 @ 5:06pm 
-rep not EpickK