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Zorux Aug 8 @ 2:15am 
I love Dying Light. :3
NeO_Anderson Aug 7 @ 4:44pm 
and you clearly skipped the fact that you enabled cheats when we did not. You just ASSUME we cheated without acutal facts...even when I told you to come and look...I will show that my UV is NOT still refused and just simply went all out with your little hacks...and failed hard may I add. So put simply, if you still wish to come and check my UV is not unlimited, I am more than happy to do so... if you're telling me I should not use a better UV light than my old crappier one than that is a different story entirely.. and that would be like me asking you to stop using your mouse sensitivy glitch...
NeO_Anderson Aug 7 @ 4:43pm 
Lastly, no one "hacked" anything , the UV is given to us by someone else...and we were lead to believe it was a "golden UV "that is just part of the game...whether it is true or not I dont know...and in all honesty i don't care... if someone gives you a sword that does 1000 damage and your existing one does only 500 damage, what are you going to use? common sense bro...
NeO_Anderson Aug 7 @ 4:43pm 
1 single UV no matter what it is, cannot drain your power instantly, 4 people pointing UV's at you will drain you very rapidly even with the most basic UV in the game...why? because it is 4x the power. The drain of the UV flashlight itself has zero influence on the stamina that you will lose if we point it at you. If you wish to ignore this fact that's entirely upto no one can force a homeless person to drink water when offered....they must do it on their own....
Sage Aug 7 @ 2:13pm 
HAHAHAHA you think i care? who started to use cheats first? + i told you if you dont stop using the gold uv light i will turn on hacks as well. you call gold UV part of the game when i pass by one of you i get instantly drained energy? so what details did i skip that was not said before? you seem like a mentaly unstable human trash so i think i might forgive you because of that+ keep trying to ignore the main reason were talking right now, which is the fact the you and your low like low skilled friends started to cheat with gold uv light.
NeO_Anderson Aug 7 @ 1:01pm 
Sage, would you like me to upload the video of where you used unlimited health hacks and unlimited stamina ? or are we skipping over that minor detail?